Valorant Reaver 2.0 knife skin is half the price of the full bundle

The Valorant Reaver 2.0 knife skin is an awesome addition to any cosmetic library, but it turns out the karambit-style weapon costs half of bundle's full price

valorant reaver 2.0 knife skin cost bundle: men in dark coats summon purple and silver reaver 2.0 phantom at cultist ritual

Getting the best Valorant crosshair may be important, but for many flexing on opponents with awesome skins is a must – especially if you’re using one of the new Reaver 2.0 cosmetics. If you’re just looking to pick up the karambit-style knife from the new bundle, though, it’ll set you back more than half the price of the full thing, and fans aren’t happy.

It’s no secret that if you want to expand your Valorant skin library, you’ll have to spend a pretty penny to do so. With the iconic Elderflame skins (the dragon ones, to clarify) setting players back just under $100 for the bundle, kitting out your arsenal isn’t cheap.

The last cosmetics to be added to the game, the Sarmad skins, failed to impress players, but the addition of a second round of Reaver skins had fans on the edge of their seats. Bringing back spooky, cult vibes, the Reaver line first appeared during the closed beta, then made its triumphant return back to the fray in November 2020.

With the 2.0 bundle unleashed on the in-game store, players piled in to pick up the new knife, but have been left dumbfounded at just how much it costs.

valorant reaver 2.0 knife skin cost bundle phantom spectre odin ghost

The Reaver 2.0 bundle costs 7,100 VP ($74.97/£67.50) for five weapons, exclusive cards, and a gun buddy, but the karambit itself costs 4350VP ($49.99/£45.00). Buying it alone costs more than the four other weapon skins, the cards, and the gun buddy combined.

Given that melee weapons are some of the most popular cosmetics, many were looking to just pick up the knife by itself, but the price point is deterring them from doing so.

“I think it’s very scummy pricing the knife like that,” reads a thread on the game’s official subreddit. “They are literally forcing you into buying the whole bundle because the knife is 65% of the price. I personally don’t like the new skins except for the Odin, and I only wanted to get the knife.”

With 3.2k upvotes, it seems like a lot of players agree. “Damn the knife is the only thing I wanted, guess I’ll skip,” writes one, while another comments “they are violating their own pricing format!”

“They knew exactly what they were doing increasing the price of the most wanted item for no actual reason,” reads a final comment. “A classic Riot Games move.”

If you’re looking to pick up the Valorant Reaver 2.0 knife skin, you’ll need to dig deep – the plus, though, is that you don’t drop it when you die and your enemies can’t steal it and use it against you. If you’re unwilling to drop wads of cash, you can check out our rundown of the next Valorant Night Market date for 2022 to ensure that you pick up something new.