Valorant skins just out of reach? Riot will give you some VP

Valorant skins cost a pretty penny, but Riot Games will make up the total sum if you are down a few VP, as one fan found out when buying the Reaver 2.0 bundle

valorant reaver 2.0 skins bought by riot games for player: Agent Viper stands on Split with her black reaver sheriff in both hands

Valorant skins can cost as little or as much as you want them to in Riot’s flagship FPS game, but players who are looking to pick up the Reaver 2.0 bundle will have to pay quite the price to add them to their arsenal. It turns out that in cases where you’re under the total by a few VP, though, Riot will foot the bill for the remaining VP.

One way of making your Valorant characters stand out on the battlefield is by using weapon skins. While some are certainly better than others, no one can argue with the fact that, if a Reaver skin is on the ground, players flock to it like moths to a flame.

While this is perfect for lining up shots and popping heads, the sequel bundle to the iconic skin line has left players feeling slightly dejected, as the karambit-style Reaver 2.0 knife skin costs half the price of the full bundle.

Others, however, have bit the bullet (pun entirely intended) and bought the full bundle, but one player wound up being a single VP short of being able to purchase it. Thankfully, Riot Games have saved the day and given the player that extra VP.

valorant reaver 2.0 skins bought for player by Riot Games: Omen standing on Haven with a purple reaver vandal skin

Buying VP in Valorant is basically a science in itself, requiring a calculator, mathematical skills, and a whole lot of plus signs. As VP comes in set bundles (which differ depending on the region), you often have to spend much more than the amount required to buy the skin you want.

One player, however, has pointed out that, in the instance where you’re only short a few VP, sending a customer support message to Riot can net you the skins you want without forcing you to spend extra cash.

“For those of you who don’t know, if you’re a few VP short, you can submit a support ticket asking Riot to cover the cost,” writes one player on the game’s subreddit, attaching an image showing the final purchase screen. “I, of course, was only 1 VP short, so I submitted the ticket.”

“A lot of people had the same issue, so support took little over a day. Waiting was unbearable, but I couldn’t be happier!” They then attach a video showing off their new gear.

In terms of how much they’ll cover, the player states “people say you can only get up to 50, but I’ve heard people say more” – sucks to be the guy who writes “I am 7,100VP short.”

While we don’t advise you to harass Riot for VP, it’s good to know that there is a slight ray of sunshine at the end of the poverty tunnel – but what’s having a good skin if you don’t have the skills to back it up? Be sure to check out our list of the best Valorant crosshairs and codes to ensure that you not only look good, but play good.