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Valorant agent Viper’s game-breaking bug needs a hotfix

As if Valorant agent Viper isn't already OP, ranked demons have discovered a game-breaking glitch that makes Haven a hot spot for defenders in Riot's FPS

Valorant agent Viper from cinematic

Valorant agent Viper is currently the most powerful controller. When developing Harbor Riot kept Viper as the blueprint, but both are far from similar. In a crowded category of five, Viper stands out as the all-rounder smoker who remains viable until the very end. Simply put, the American poison handler is mighty, but a new bug in her kit is making the rounds, and it’s incredibly powerful.

Haven isn’t Viper’s best map, but gear up for a potential meta switch. Viper’s Pit is causing mayhem on the triple-site locale, breaking all FPS physics rules. In a game-breaking bug, the poison is slipping through the walls of B-site, seeping into A-short. While it may not seem as significant, attacker Viper can capitalize on this bug to protect the Spike post plant. All you need is an Odin and a teammate to pin the Spike. 

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Haven’s walls aren’t known for their potency. The paper-thin walls are easy to smash through, and with enemies inside Viper’s Pit, it’d be even easier to finish them off. Low-health defenders showered in poison would only require a few Odin shells to keep their distance from the Spike. A bit of running and a leaking ult would ensure that the bomb blows with minimal bullets fired.

However, you will need proper security to make it to A-short unscathed. A bit of parkour practice won’t hurt to get to the corner point in time. The wall bang works without the ult as well, but its viability skyrockets when enemies health bars are tenderised by Viper’s poison. 

Viper has seen plenty of bugs associated with her toolkit, but this one takes the cake for being the most game-breaking. It has no instant counter, is easily replicable, and warrants a win every time it’s executed. So, considering the severity of the glitch, players shouldn’t worry too much. Riot might pluck it out of the game soon and revert Haven to Viper’s worst map. 

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