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2022’s biggest breakout indie game gets new, free story mode

Vampire Survivors Adventures are coming in patch 1.8, as the Deeplorable update adds self-contained story modes to the hit indie game.

Vampire Survivors Adventures coming for free in patch 1.8 - A woman with blue hair smiles gently at you.

One of the best indie game success stories of 2022 is getting even better soon, as Vampire Survivors introduces a story mode. No, I’m not joking. After many, many months of developer Poncle making light of the idea that players love Vampire Survivors for its deep, rich lore, actual narrative-driven Vampire Survivors Adventures are coming with its beautifully named ‘Deeplorable update’ in patch 1.8 very soon.

Not long since claiming another impressive milestone with news that Vampire Survivors Steam reviews have smashed past the 200,000 mark with an astonishing 98% positive rating, one of the best roguelike games on PC prepares to deploy a new game mode that will help tie its world, characters, and story together.

Vampire Survivors Adventures are a series of “self-contained miniature story modes that reset and remix the game’s content.” Each of them puts you into a distinct scenario where you start from scratch with a limited arsenal and a unique progression path of Vampire Survivors power ups – letting you work from a fresh start without losing your precious main game unlocks.

Each adventure is split into several chapters, each with a specific setup. You’ll start with certain items and characters, and have to meet preset winning conditions such as surviving for a particular length of time or killing enough enemies. Each mission you complete will reward you with some lore text, which will gradually tie the whole adventure together. As you progress, you’ll be able to buy additional weapons from merchants, unlocking it for the remainder of your time in that particular adventure.

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“Adventures are a chance for a fresh start with unique challenges,” Poncle explains, noting that progress in an adventure is distinct from your main game progress – although “completing an adventure will earn you a bountiful cache of coins to use in the main game, and some adventures might feature unique new ways to unlock existing main game relics.” They’ll also be available to play in local co-op.

At the launch of Vampire Survivors patch 1.8, there will be two adventures available to all players of the base game, and one additional adventure available to those who own the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Of the two standard missions, Poncle says, “One will explore how we’re reworking classic content, with a slightly serious storyline – the other will be as absurd as you’d usually expect from Vampire Survivors.”

Vampire Survivors Adventures arrive for free with patch 1.8, the Deeplorable update, which Poncle says will arrive “in a few weeks” – so expect it towards the end of November. It adds that the team is “planning on releasing new adventures alongside future releases, both free updates and DLCs.”

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