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Vampire Survivors teases “something big and weird,” first ever vampire

Vampire Survivors, the Steam roguelike and survival game, is set for “something big and weird” and perhaps its first ever vampire, says developer Luca Galante

Vampire Survivors teases “something big and weird”, first ever vampire. A fantasy warrior fights monsters in a huge green field in Steam roguelike game Vampre Survivors

Vampire Survivors, the breakout Steam roguelike hit combining horror aesthetics with survival game mechanics, is apparently due for “something big and weird” in the coming months, as developer Luca ‘Poncle’ Galante discusses new DLC, upcoming patches, and the possibility of the first actual vampire.

Galante has already outlined how Legacy of the Moonspell, Vampire Survivors’ first DLC, is likely to be followed up by additional content packs, with patches for VS coming a little slower in 2023 as the indie game expands onto other platforms. In a recent post marking the end of 2022 and the roadmap for the coming year, however, Galante also mentions some possible surprises for Vampire Survivors, as well as additional development projects.

“There’s something weird and big (in terms of pixels) coming soon to the Steam public beta,” Galante says, hinting perhaps at new Vampire Survivors content slated for the near future. Given the reference to “pixels,” this could mean a visual overhaul, or perhaps it’s more literal, like a new area or map that would, naturally, be composed of a large amount of pixels.

This seems possible given some of Galante’s other cryptic hints, which potentially point towards a whole new zone – and one that maybe, just maybe, contains an actual vampire. “Since the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC has been a success,” Galante says, “The Directer [sic] will soon offer to take the survivors to yet another world in search for the vampire. Do you have any suggestions where to try next? The ride only ends when you decide to get off! Or we find a vampire I guess.”

So, maybe 2023 will not only give us a new Vampire Survivors map, but an actual, real-life (or rather, real-death) vampire. Alternatively, Galante may be referencing a separate project entirely, as he mentions that “there’s a lot of stuff, not exclusively related to Vampire Survivors, getting made behind the scenes in [development studio] poncle.” Could this be an all-new game? We’ll have to keep watching.

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