Vampire Survivors is about to get more expensive before 1.0 launch

Breakout hit indie game Vampire Survivors becomes more expensive as a price increase arrives ahead of the 1.0 launch, release date announcement coming soon

Vampire Survivors price increase ahead of 1.0 launch - a vampire against a red background with golden dollar signs in his eyes

Vampire Survivors is one of the best roguelite games on PC this year, and if you haven’t dug in yet then now is a great time as the game is set to launch in version 1.0 soon following several months of early access. However, if you don’t currently own the vampire game, you may want to jump on quickly, as it’s about to get a little more expensive.

According to developer Poncle, the Vampire Survivors cost of admission will be increasing from its previous price of $2.99 to $4.99 on September 21. The change is due to be implemented from 3pm PT / 8pm ET / 11pm BST – so if you’re reading this post soon after it’s gone up, you may still have time to jump on at the lower price point.

If you missed out on the opportunity, don’t fear – it’s still more than worth the price at its new, higher tier. According to Steam, I currently have over 31 hours played in Vampire Survivors, and I’ve still got plenty of secrets left to uncover. The game is also available through PC Game Pass, so that’s also an option if you’re an active subscriber.

The Vampire Survivors 1.0 release date is due to be announced on September 29, alongside an overview of the various new additions players can expect to see in the full game. In other related news, YouTuber, streamer, and pro wrestler Stephanie Sterling has announced that they will be writing lore content for Vampire Survivors in the future.

If you’re just getting started, we have everything you need to know about how to unlock Vampire Survivors secret characters, a comprehensive Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide, and all the Vampire Survivors cheats (or ‘spells’ in the game’s parlance) you could want. Vampire Survivors patch 0.11.2 introduces the game’s newest character – but its identity is, quite literally, a mystery.