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Vermintide 2’s dwarf hero is getting a new career DLC

Bardin Goreksson is the next Vermintide 2 hero to get a new career, following Markus' Grail Knight

Vermintide II has several possibilities for each of its five heroes when it comes to careers, which determine their abilities and potential weapon loadouts. Initially, each had three options, but that’s expanding to four. The next hero to be getting a new career will be Bardin Goreksson, the dwarven member of the Ubershreik Five.

So far, the only hero to have gotten a new career this season has been Empire officer Markus Kruber, who added the Grail Knight career path as add-on DLC in June. That swaps out his familiar Imperial armour for that of the more Arthurian-themed Bretonnia, and focuses his abilities in on melee combat. The DLC also adds new weapons, a new skill tree, and a new character skin.

We can expect much the same for whatever Goreksson’s new career ends up being, which at this point is still an open question. There are a couple strong possibilities, given Warhammer’s existing roles for dwarf warriors. At the moment, Goreksson can pick from Ranger Veteran, Ironbreaker, and Slayer.

We reckon the top possibilities for Goreksson’s add-on career path are Runesmith, Engineer, and Hammerer, with Hammerer being the most likely. Runesmiths are dwarven magic-users who physically forge the Winds of Magic into powerful runes, which can be inscribed onto weapons to give them supernatural power normally unavailable to dwarfs. That career would open some interesting opportunities for build creativity for Goreksson, certainly.

An Engineer career track might fit a bit better with Goreksson’s personality and backstory. Engineers are adept with machinery, particularly artillery, and the career could refocus Goreksson into a more range-oriented role on a squad.

The most likely add-on role is likely Hammerer, however. These are the elite bodyguards who attend a dwarf Thane, and are personifications of all of dwarfs’ most important values – they’re strong, unyielding, and willing to lay their lives on the line for their lords. They wear highly-polished armour and carry distinctive great hammers made of gomril, which can crush enemy armour and splatter foes into bits – which is exactly what you want to be doing in Vermintide II most of the time.

Of course, developer Fatshark may have other plans entirely for the co-op game’s next add-on career. Giving Kruber a Bretonnian career means the field is certainly wide open. In the meantime, we’ll be sharpening our axes in Vermintide 2, or perhaps trying out another rat game, which we’ve decided should be its own genre.