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Here’s 30 minutes of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay

Margie the granny hacks into Scotland Yard’s database in this Watch Dogs Legion 30minute gameplay demo

Ubisoft has shown off 30minutes of Watch Dogs Legion gameplay during an E3 stream. During the demo, art director, Josh Cook, and lead game designer, Mathieu Berube, played half an hour of the game, highlighting details about Watch Dogs Legion’s biggest new feature: the ability to recruit, and play as literally anyone in the game.

During the demo, Cook and Berube show how players can recruit players to revolutionary group, DeadSec, by talking to NPCs and convincing them to join the cause. The demo starts with Margie, a hacker-class granny, scouting out potential members by reading NPCs profiles that pop up as she passes them.

These profiles contain character traits, occupations, salaries, relationships, and heaps of personal data, but the piece of information the player needs is the DeadSec compassion bar at the top of the profile. Every NPC has their own view of the DeadSpec cause – some are opposed to the group while others feel positive. Characters who are against DeadSec will obviously need more convincing to join and will ask you to help them with problems, or ask for favours. Completing these tasks will slowly start to bring that character round to joining.

In the demo, an NPC needs to get rid of some police evidence that is being used to blackmail him and Margie is more than happy to lend a hand. Watching granny stealth her way into a heavily guarded Scotland Yard, and then hack into the police’s forces high-security database, is gold. Make sure you check out the whole gameplay video below.

The demo also shows off its detailed version of futuristic London, with a number of iconic landmarks, and the underground tube which you can ride as a fast travel system around its eight London boroughs. Have hacker grannies warmed your heart? Joining Margie in her cool hacker granny club is Helen – an old lady who’s a retired assassin.

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