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Watch Dogs Legion lets you play as Helen - an old lady who’s a retired assassin

Play as an older lady who takes down her foes with a taser in the game

Watch Dogs Legion

Gameplay footage of Watch Dogs legion at this year’s Ubisoft E3 conference has revealed that you can play as multiple cool characters – and one of them is an older lady who takes down her enemies with a taser.

The gameplay reveal for the game, which was shown off at the head of the conference earlier today, introduces permadeath via the unfortunate demise of Ian – one of the characters you can recruit and play as in Watch Dogs Legion. As Ian falls, the action moves to Helen, who, while appearing to be a kindly grandma-type, quickly dispells any myths about her abilities.

In fact, it’s not long before Helen is infiltrating police compounds with spider-bots and tasing guards. Sure, her parkour isn’t great, but she does a decent job for a pensioner, and when it’s time to get into a fight, she’s completely vicious. Seriously, there’s a moment where she wheels a guard round and shoots him in the face, point blank. In broad daylight. It’s pretty badass.


You can watch Helen in action from about 1:45 in the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’ll be a few months before you can take Helen for a spin – the Watch Dogs Legion release date is March 6, 2020.

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Until then, however, you can join me in reveling in Ubisoft’s striking interpretation of London, which features iconic black cabs as well as a whole host of landmarks.