Watch Dogs Legion mask locations: where to find all masks

Where to find every Watch Dogs Legion mask in London

Fashion is a big part of Watch Dogs Legion’s identity. Silly masks and ludicrous outfits are very on-trend in its dystopian vision of London, it seems, and if you want to keep your DedSec recruits looking slick, you’ll need to head out in search of the best cosmetic items.

There are dozens of collectable Watch Dogs Legion masks dotted throughout Ubisoft’s recreation of London, and many of them are incredibly well hidden. This means that you’ll often have to take to the skies via a rideable freight drone to scope out your surroundings and reach those sweet, sweet masks with minimal fuss.

Below you’ll find every single mask we’ve uncovered so far, though there could still be some extra-secret collectables that are yet to reveal themselves. It’s worth noting that the masks will show up on your mini-map as mask icons, which should make figuring out your route a little easier. Each mask is found within a blue box, and we’ve divided all of them into their respective districts, of which there are eight. So buckle in and get ready to become the ultimate Watch Dogs fashionista. Best of luck!

Here is every Watch Dogs Legion mask location

Watch Dogs Legion Camden map


  • Inside St. Pancras International, on a filing cabinet in a purple-lit office
  • Albion Internment Centre, inside one of the locked garages. You can easily hack your way into it
  • On a roof in the centre of Camden Market. Can be flown to by climbing on top of a freight drone

Watch Dogs Legion City of Westminster map

City of Westminster

  • Up the stairs inside the Earl’s Fortune safe house
  • Broca Tech exterior, on a metal crate found on the first floor. Look out for the four blue barrels
  • Centre of Somerset House, on top of a wooden crate inside a dingy-looking cellar area
  • In a side room on the first floor of Thorne’s Felts
  • North-east corner of Buckingham Palace Gardens, next to the northernmost gazebo
  • On a filing cabinet inside New Scotland Yard
  • On the west side of the Perry Harris Redevelopment, on the scaffolding above the alley stairs. You can either climb your way up or – you guessed it – use a freight drone
  • South side of Downing Street, below a camo tarp
  • Underground, below the London Carriage Service. You’ll find it behind a car that’s being worked on

Watch Dogs Legion Islington and Hackney map

Islington & Hackney

  • Found on the scaffolding attached to the east side of the World of Tomorrow
  • On the floor of the Museum of the Home’s small garden building
  • Found in the Sandstone Residence, on the second floor inside a surveillance room
  • North side of FoodTown, behind a sliding glass door. You can use a spider bot to work your way around

Watch Dogs Legion Lambeth map


  • Can be found on the west side of the MI-6 Building’s roof
  • In the middle of the European Processing Centre, on a metal crate
  • East side of the London Lens exterior, in a locked room that you’ll need to hack your way into
  • North side of the Brixton Barrier Block. Use a freight drone to make your way up to the roof, which is where you’ll find the box lying on the ground
  • On the roof of the Xcess building. Can be reached quickly via the use of your friendly neighbourhood freight drone
  • South-west side of the Brixton Recreation Centre, on the roof. Again, use a freight drone if you want to grab it quickly

Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms map

Nine Elms

  • South side of Battersea, on the fixtures above the Caramont store
  • North-west side of the Embassy Garden, on the roof overlooking the rows of lights

Watch Dogs Legion Southwark map


  • Inside a vent shaft within the Nexus Tower. Can easily be reached with a spider bot
  • On a metal crate behind a wire fence at the north end of Rotherhithe Docks
  • On a roof in the centre of the Martlet’s Nest. As usual, you’d be wise to use a freight drone if you want to reach it with relative ease
  • On the stairwell inside the Tidis building
  • On top of some shipping containers near the south side of The Mix
  • Top floor of the Southwark Incinerator, on top of a metal cabinet

Watch Dogs Legion Tower Hamlets map

Tower Hamlets

  • Inside the building on the west side of Cemetery Park
  • Beneath Helmsmans Tracks, inside a server room that you need to complete a network bypass to unlock
  • East side of Limehouse Garden, on the balcony second from the top. You’ll need to use a freight drone to fly your way up there

Watch Dogs Legion City of London map

City of London

  • Between two pillars on the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. I hope you brought your freight drone
  • Found in a small room below the north end of London Bridge. Easily accessed via a freight drone (you do have one, right?)
  • Inside the ‘Walkie Talkie’ skyscraper. Use the elevator to reach the top floor, go up the steps, and find the box locked away in an office. You can navigate your way inside via the vents using a spider bot
  • South side of the Roberts & Scott Hall interior. Use a spider bot to navigate your way below some bricks and tarp toward the box

Watch Dogs Legion City of London map

City of London hidden mask

The final mask in the City of London district is a little trickier to reach. First, head into the Roberts & Scott hall and take note of the locked metal door. You need a key to get in there, and you’ll find it on the balcony above you. Simply use a drone to reach it.

Use the key to unlock the door, then hack into the camera feed. Now that you have eyes on the mysterious safe house/club, you need to search the area for hackable computers, then head back to the main console and download its data. You’ll find these new files in the ‘Data’ section of the in-game menu. Check out the ‘DedSec’ category to find ‘Bunker Files’ numbered one-four.

Dotted throughout the sprawling city of London are posters that feature an important QR code. Scan it and you’ll see the message “0/6 find my private party @ 2am”. Head to the location marked on the map above and find the locked semi-circular door in the water. The door will unlock and a prompt will appear at 2am exactly. Now head inside the club and find the mask tucked underneath the console that you hacked into earlier.

And that concludes our Watch Dogs Legion mask guide. With all that done and dusted, you’d be very wise indeed to check out our Watch Dogs Legion beginner’s guide and Watch Dogs Legion permadeath guide. We’ve also got a full Watch Dogs Legion review, and if you’re wondering just how long is Watch Dogs Legion, when you can play Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer, or where to find Watch Dogs Legion easter eggs, we’ve got you covered.