Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode pushed back to early 2021

Multiplayer is taking a back seat while Ubisoft works on Legion's 'issues'

If you’re eagerly waiting to jump into online multiplayer in Watch Dogs Legion, you may be disappointed to learn that the wait just got a bit longer. Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode won’t be available until early 2021.

Ubisoft says it made the decision to delay the rollout of the open-world game’s online mode while it works to address Legion’s major issues with single player. As the development team explains in the latest Watch Dogs Legion State of the Game post, the first things on the list include save file corruption impacting PC and Stadia cross progression and FPS drops occurring on high-performance PCs.

“As part of our commitment to fixing the game’s issues, we’ve decided to delay the Online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion to early 2021”, the developers write. “This will allow us to focus on fixing issues with single player, and it will give us more time to test the Online experience to help ensure a smooth launch of the mode.”

The goal on PC is for Watch Dogs Legion to perform consistently at 60 fps if you’re running it on a high-end graphics card – and that means testing the online mode is going to have to wait a bit longer.

Fortunately, the latest patch for Watch Dogs Legion adds a new manual save button for PC players (a curious omission at launch), as well as CPU optimisations that should mean better performance on high-end machines using DirectX 12.

In the meantime, we can help get you most of the way to 60 fps with our Watch Dogs Legion PC performance guide, and you might want to have a look through our guide to the best DedSec operatives in Watch Dogs Legion, too.