Wild Hearts has adorable rabbits, but there’s a dark twist

Among Wild Hearts' Kemono are adorable little bunnies called rockfoil rabbits that look like snowballs - and naturally, they're part of the RPG's food chain.

Wild Hearts rabbits: A round, white creature called a Rockfoil Rabbit perks its ears up in the snow, it looks concerned

Not all the Wild Hearts monsters you meet are gigantic, terrifying mythical beasts. Some of the wildlife you’ll find in Wild Hearts are adorable little white bunnies. These ‘Rockfoil Rabbits’ may follow you on your adventures, or possibly be content to make patterns in the snow with their tracks – but since this is a co-op game about hunting massive monsters, they have some grislier uses, too.

Rockfoil rabbits are adorably round, and they’ll perk their broad ears up while they’re travelling, or when they’re on alert for danger. With a bit of patience, you can catch them and keep them as pets. Isn’t that nice?

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No, it isn’t nice. Wild Hearts takes after the Monster Hunter series in more ways than one, including the need to gather crafting components to create better gear. The Rockfoil Rabbits fit into this scheme, and you’ll need to use parts of these harmless, fuzzy bunnies for crafting.

What exactly they’re used for, we don’t know yet – perhaps they’re part of a nourishing stew, or maybe their pelts can be used to make warmer armour. We hasten to point out that Rockfoil Rabbits aren’t real, and that you aren’t actually a bad person for doing this. We hope, anyway.

Check out the Wild Hearts PC system requirements to make sure you’re ready for Koei Tecmo’s answer to Monster Hunter. It’ll be available on Steam, EA Play, and the Epic Games Store when the Wild Hearts release date arrives next week. If you can’t wait until then, though, we’ve got a list of the best games like Monster Hunter to tide you over.