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Windows 11 taskbar update extends your chaotic app conga line

Microsoft has announced a Windows 11 taskbar update that adds an overflow tab for app access, and it's accompanied by improved local sharing

Windows 11: Razer laptop with new taskbar overflow example on screen

The Windows 11 taskbar is getting a new overflow feature that will help you stow away more stuff on your gaming PC desktop. The shortcut boon is part of Insider Preview Build 25163, and it also includes enhanced sharing functionality.

According to the latest Insider blog post, the Windows 11 taskbar overflow tab offers “a more productive switching and launching experience when space is constrained.” In addition, Microsoft says apps will automatically flow into the hidden tab, enabling you to continue your chaotic conga line of apps.

Windows 11: Razer laptop with new taskbar overflow example on screen

Packing the bottom of your screen with app icons is arguably anarchic, but if you use a smaller gaming laptop, your taskbar will feel crowded after pinning a few apps. Same goes for users who use increased scaling, but if you’re using the best gaming monitor with a lot of screen space, the overflow tab might never spawn.

Improved Windows 11 local sharing

Quick app access isn’t the only item on the latest Preview Build agenda, as it also improves nearby sharing. New UDP and Bluetooth functionality allows you to discover devices and send files using a dedicated Windows Share window, which could come in handy if you’ve got a desktop rig and a portable gaming PC.

Windows 11 is slowly, but surely, gaining new abilities that improve both work and play. However, the operating system may only have a few years to strut its stuff, as Microsoft is apparently planning to release Windows 12 in 2024. If you’re still rocking a rig with Windows 10 installed, you probably couldn’t care less, but if you jumped ship to embrace features like DirectStorage and auto-HDR, your newly acquired OS might lose its fresh-faced status soon.