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Lies of P teams up with 2023’s best soulslike for launch collab

Lies of P is teaming up with fellow soulslike Wo Long Fallen Dynasty for launch, bringing two weapons from Round8’s Pinocchio RPG to the Team Ninja game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Pinocchio from Lies of P appears through a glowing eye.

If you can’t wait for the Lies of P release date, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has your back. The best soulslike game to hit in 2023 for my money, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is teaming up with Lies of P for a collaboration to celebrate the release of the dark fantasy Pinocchio adventure.

Excited after reading our Lies of P review? Then you won’t want to miss out on this one. The crossover follows on from Wo Long’s previous partnership with Naraka Bladepoint, and sees two weapons from the world of Lies of P make their way into Team Ninja’s Three Kingdoms RPG game. The ‘Puppet’s Saber’ and ‘Etiquette’ weapons will be made available in a free update to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Wednesday September 27, 2023.

The Puppet’s Saber is Pinocchio’s signature weapon in Lies of P, while Etiquette is a unique weapon designed to look like an umbrella, but with a deadly secret. As someone who really enjoyed the ways different weapons can dramatically change up the feel of Wo Long’s combat, I’m eager to get my hands on both of these and see how they feel in Team Ninja’s game, and how closely they replicate their Lies of P equivalents.

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If you’re planning to play Lies of P on Game Pass, but haven’t yet checked out Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, it’s also available as part of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass library via the Xbox app. The fantasy adventure is one of the fastest and crispest soulslikes you’ll find, with some distinctive exploration mechanics and a combat system that feels like a fusion of Bloodborne’s dodging and Sekiro’s parry system in the most satisfying way.

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