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WoW’s heroic Castle Nathria raid has been bested by an all-bear group

The Master of Revendreth? Felled? Unbearable.

Sire Denathrius stares at the screen

We’ve previously reported on World of Warcraft raid groups that have managed to best encounters while not wearing clothes and a previous exploit that allowed others to spawn an infinite army of blue bears. It’s only fitting, then, that we now talk about a WoW all-bear group that has managed to complete the Castle Nathria raid on heroic.

The team could pull this off as they’re all druids, which is a class that allows you to fill damage, tank, or healing roles. It may sound pretty ideal for the challenge of clearing a raid while using only one class, but this a bear raid – that means all of them are in the class’ tank form. The bear druids are typically helpful for forming a front line and protecting weaker party members who can heal or do enormous damage. We don’t have someone like that here, though, so you can imagine the challenge.

Content creator and bear wrangler Rar Bear Hands explains on Reddit that the team used different legendary powers for different bosses. For the big bad Sire Denathrius, they got their strongest grizzlies to equip Draught of Deep Focus as it’s the highest single-target DPS legendary. All in all, seven of them used Draught of Deep Focus, four used Ursoc’s Fury Remembered, three on Natural Order’s Will, and one on Legacy of the Sleeper. That’s 15 bears, gang.

You can find the logs for the Sire Denathrius kill here if you fancy it. You can also watch the encounter below, if you’d prefer it:

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion continues with the Chains of Domination update. We don’t know when it’ll drop just yet, though it’s currently being tested on the PTR, so you can jump in and try a few things out. There’s even some raid testing going down, so you may find a boss you can maul with a gang of grizzlies.

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