World of Warcraft player reaches level 50 without leaving starting area

Nobb the Goblin's killed a lot of worms

One of the great benefits of an MMORPG game is player choice, and occasionally a World of Warcraft player really stretches that autonomy. One such plucky adventurer had managed to get to level 50 without leaving their first area, a feat that’s taken more than a little dedication, and a few worms.

Nobb the Goblin has yet to venture away from Kezan, the island home for goblins in the fantasy game. Instead, they’ve been grinding away on the creatures and encounters that exist there, gradually building towards the big 5-0. It started with tunneling worms, a good 5,000 of those to reach level 20, then another 10 from the banked experience you’re allowed without subbing.

Once he subbed, he started using alts to complete dailies that impacted the whole account, slowly feeding Nobb points to help him. Goblins become Horde once you finish the main questline in Kezan, and without doing that Nobb isn’t able to enter dungeons or PvP or anything like that. This is the only effective method of still gaining experience points, and now that Nobb’s at level 50, gains from everything, even dailies, is severe diminishing returns.

Talking to WoWhead, the owner has put out a plea for anyone who might know how to get to level 60 without taking eons. Current pace means it’ll take several weeks to reach level 51. “If anyone knows another way to gain XP on alts where mining and herbalism aren’t possible,” They said, “feel free to share it with me so I can expedite the process a bit more, that’d be great.” You can find them on Reddit.

World of Warcraft is offering cute pets in exchange for donations to Doctors Without Borders right now, and while we can’t help you reach level 50 in the first area, we do a have WoW Classic leveling guide for regular progression.