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Well-loved 2K game suddenly pulled from Steam after just two years

WWE 2K22 was delisted from Steam and other digital storefronts earlier this year, once again highlighting videogames' preservation problem.

WWE 2K22 has been delisted on Steam, just two years after it was released and mere days after the online servers were taken offline. The same happened to multiple other WWE 2K games in 2022, but now the most recent game 2K22 can’t be bought, without any warning.

WWE 2K22’s servers went offline on Wednesday, January 3 this year, with the game being unceremoniously delisted from Steam days later on January 8. As players are just now starting to notice the complete erasure of the sports game from the digital storefront, PCGamesN can confirm that WWE 2K22 is no longer available on the Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation digital stores.

Compared to other 2K wrestling games, WWE 2K22 also had one of the shortest spans as a purchasable product with functional online servers, coming in at just 22 months. WWE 2K17, 18, 19, and 20 were all delisted on July 13, 2022, with 2K20 only being available online for around 33 months total.

If you’re wondering where WWE 2K21 is in these stats, the game was quickly canceled after 2K20 was deemed a total disaster, with 2K22 seeing a decent return to form further down the line.

While not the best in the series, WWE 2K22 was a well-loved entry, with an average score of 72 on Metacritic and almost 75% positive ratings from around 10,000 users on Steam.

The same thing happened with FIFA being delisted too, as many of the old FIFA games were deleted from Steam ahead of EA Sports FC. This is also a massive problem for game preservation, as digital storefronts and marketplaces in general can see games lost forever. While free to download, the Fallout New Vegas Limp Bizkit mod resurgence is a clear example of how, without proper cataloging, people’s work can be thought missing, unless someone finds it buried on a hard drive and manages to share it.

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Seeing so many games delisted only serves to exacerbate the push and pull between videogames as an art form and videogames as a product. The two will remain linked forever, I’m sure of that, and while you might not call the annual release of a professional wrestling game art in the traditional sense, we have to draw the line somewhere.

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