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XDefiant double XP is here to help level weapons fast, but move quick

An XDefiant double XP weekend is happening right now, so here's how to make the most of it and exactly when it ends so you don't miss out.

Xdefiant double XP: a person in a gas mask and high vis hoodie holding up an assault rifle

If you’re planning on jumping into Ubisoft’s new free FPS XDefiant at some point soon, you’ll want to hear that an extra long double XP weekend is happening right now. Combining multiple series like Far Cry, Splinter Cell, The Division, and Watch Dogs into one first-person multiplayer shooter, XDefiant is poised to come for Call of Duty’s crown. But with Black Ops 6 on the way, and XDefiant still in the early days, this double XP weekend is trying to entice more people to play.

After launch day was plagued by an epidemic of disconnects, the dust is starting to settle on XDefiant. The Ubisoft FPS game has multiple ways of earning guns and types of XP to wrap your head around, but if you dive in now you’ll progress through one of them twice as fast at least.

We’ve got double weapon XP for the next few days, so you can get attachments for the weapons you unlock from completing challenges and the XDefiant battle pass. It’s a touch confusing, but just know that by using a weapon in matches you’ll get more customization options for it, with the double XP helping you do that much faster for a few days.

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While you’re using each of the weapons you’ll want to brush up on the XDefiant factions as well, as picking between the Far Cry guys or Splinter Cell operatives isn’t just for show – each has their own passive traits and abilities.

The long XDefiant double XP weekend is running from now until Tuesday May 28 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST (4am AEDT on Wednesday May 29). Keep in mind that this is just for weapon XP and thus attachment unlocks, while regular profile XP and battle pass XP are separate. Either way, free double XP is good.

If you’re diving into Ubisoft’s new free shooter we’ve got you covered with all the best XDefiant loadouts, and even the best XDefiant guns depending on your playstyle. Be sure to brush up on all 14 XDefiant maps as well, to really turn you into a force to be reckoned with.

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