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Zenless Zone Zero already offering loads of free rewards for launch

If you're still waiting on beta access, everyone who registers will at least be getting some Zenless Zone Zero free rewards at launch.

Zenless Zone Zero free rewards: a white wolf man

As the next Zenless Zone Zero beta looms, HoYoverse’s new game is already set up to give us plenty of free rewards when the full game launches in 2024. This is thanks to a staggering 30 million players already pre-registering for the game, with even more rewards available if we hit a few more milestones.

The Zenless Zone Zero release date is getting closer and closer, with the final beta for HoYoverse’s next game after Genshin Impact and Honaki Star Rail also coming any day now. While we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the Zenless Zone Zero beta and how to sign up, it’s important to know that even if you don’t get in you can still get some Zenless Zone Zero rewards during the full launch.

The sci-fi gacha RPG game isn’t even out yet, and we’ll all have a pretty big leg up just by pre-registering. While I’m one of the many waiting to see if I’ll be let into this next beta, the pain of not knowing stings a little less with the promise of some free goodies when the full game drops.

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Zenless Zone Zero free launch rewards

Thanks to the 30 million sign-ups we already have a fair few rewards for when ZZZ finally launches, but there are still a few milestones to hit as well.

  • Denny x 30,000 (15 million)
  • Master Tape x 3 (20 million)
  • Coup-en x 5 (25 million)
  • Master Tape x 5 (30 million)
  • Corin x 1 (35 million)
  • Master Tape x 12 (40 million)

If you’re unsure what all of these items are, let’s break them down for you: Dennies are the standard currency in ZZZ, Master Tapes let you unlock new characters via banners (and can be created via Zenless Zone Zero film), Coup-en appears to be a Bangboo related item, and Corin is one of the upcoming playable characters.

If you can’t wait for ZZZ and want to be kept in the loop, we’ve got everything we know about upcoming Zenless Zone Zero banners and our own Zenless Zone Zero tier list, as we wait for the full release after all those betas.

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