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Every Zenless Zone Zero player can now claim tons of free rewards

Zenless Zone Zero has now met its sign up target, meaning everyone who pre-registers gets free rewards when the new gacha game launches.

Zenless Zone Zero free unlocks register: a pink-haired anime girl

With over 40 million sign-ups, you can now redeem every single free reward in Zenless Zone Zero when the gacha game drops soon. There’s plenty of in-game currency available alongside a playable character, too, and with the ZZZ launch date creeping ever closer you don’t want to miss signing up if you’re getting ready for day one.

With Genshin Impact and Honaki Star Rail under HoYoverse’s belt, Zenless Zone Zero is shaping up to be another massive launch. The gacha game has now hit its pre-registration milestone, so whether you’ve already signed up ahead of time or need to do so now – everyone who pre-registers will now get all the free rewards.

Don’t forget, the Zenless Zone Zero release date is closing in fast, so you’ll want to sign up to earn what’s below.

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All Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration free rewards

  • Denny x 30,000 (15 million)
  • Master Tape x 3 (20 million)
  • Coup-en x 5 (25 million)
  • Master Tape x 5 (30 million)
  • Corin x 1 (35 million)
  • Master Tape x 12 (40 million)

Dennies are ZZZ’s main currency, Master Tapes are converted from Zenless Zone Zero film and used as premium currency, Coup-ens help you get the adorable Bangboo, and Corin is one of the game’s playable agents. Just remember that you’ve got to pre-register here before launch to get these in-game items.

Considering it’s quick, easy, and free I can’t recommend registering enough. I’ve done it, and can’t wait to get some free items and even a playable character on day one.

With the launch incredibly close now, we’ve put together a breakdown of all the Zenless Zone Zero codes you’ll want to redeem, alongside the current Zenless Zone Zero banner schedule as well.

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