Dave the Diver meets Slay the Spire in new anime cafe RPG

If you've ever wondered what a mashup of Steam hit Dave the Diver and OG deck builder Slay the Spire would look like, anime cafe RPG Affogato is just that.

Dave the Diver meets Slay the Spire in new anime cafe RPG: A pale anime girl with long blue and gray hair and a gothic style looks into the camera scratching her chin against a background of window shutters and a crescent moon

I like Slay the Spire and I like witches, but most of all I love coffee. As a self-professed coffee snob who knows her Arabica from her Colombian, Spiral Up Games’ new RPG game Affogato combines everything I love into one very bizarre mashup. If you, like me, are intrigued by what Affogato has to offer, then keep on reading.

Part management game, part deck builder, Affogato thrusts you into the sparkly shoes of witchy barista Affogato, who has opened a coffee shop in Arorua, dubbed the “city of eternal night.”

This is where the Dave the Diver element shines through, as you’ll have to master the art of coffee brewing (no potions here), while getting to know your customers and catering to their every need. Soya skinny latte with a half pump of caramel extra hot, please.

In order to truly keep them coming back, though, you’ll also need to battle their inner demons in a series of “reverse tower defence” battles. To do so, you’ll need an arsenal of Witch Cards to help you on your journey – I did promise you some Slay the Spire, didn’t I?

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The whole thing is slightly reminiscent of Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree, except you’re not playing as one of the many Baldur’s Gate 3 races that are present during Viv and Tandri’s coffee shop adventure; instead, you’re just a cute ‘lil witch.

If all of this sounds like your thing, you can pick up Affogato on Steam right now. The game is also on sale until August 24 as part of its release campaign, meaning you can pick it up for $14.44 / £12.14. You can also grab the deluxe edition for $20.36 / £17.13, which includes the game and its soundtrack.

A cute pink coffee shop called Witchery with diner-style decor and a little red-headed cartoon girl standing in it

The game also sits at ‘mostly positive,’ so it isn’t off to a bad start. If you fancy diving into a magical world and brewing up a storm, you can pick it up here.

Once you’ve finished your Affogato adventures and drank all of that sweet, delicious coffee, I suggest making use of that caffeine high by checking out some other fantasy games, or alternatively some free Steam games if you’re holding onto the cash ahead of the Starfield release date, which is coming real soon.