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Amnesia The Bunker endings explained

The Amnesia The Bunker ending offers a slightly different outcome depending on the choices you make, and we’ve explained each one to help you pick a favorite.

What are the Amnesia The Bunker endings? All good things must come to an end, even the nightmare scenarios that Frictional Games love to dream up for horror fans. Amnesia The Bunker is no different, though you might be curious about what lies in store for protagonist Henri Clément. Well, we’ve explained all the Amnesia The Bunker endings right here at PCGamesN, including what conditions need to be met to experience them for yourself. Needless to say, there are spoilers afoot.

So, before we dive into the Amnesia The Bunker endings, let’s do a quick recap. After a fraught expedition across the eponymous bunker and into the Roman tunnels to retrieve the dynamite and detonator handle, all that’s left in Amnesia The Bunker is to blow your way to freedom. However, you can be forgiven for thinking that the horror game ends here. There’s actually one final leg of your journey, which involves a direct confrontation with the Beast. Here’s how to survive this final showdown and see your preferred ending in Amnesia The Bunker.

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Amnesia The Bunker endings

Amnesia The Bunker has three possible endings, and while there’s limited variance between each one, their outcomes have major implications for the series as a whole.

Once you take the plunge into the lower tunnels, follow the passage until you reach an underground cavern containing an elaborate stone structure connected by numerous bridges. This structure is randomized in every playthrough, so be sure to lower any raised bridges as you navigate it.

To escape the bunker once and for all, you need to find a way to traverse the low wall blocking the staircase to the exit on the other side of the stone structure. However, this fairly simple task is complicated by the reappearance of the Beast, which immediately begins to hunt you down. There are multiple ways of dealing with this situation – but whichever method you choose determines the Amnesia The Bunker ending.

The beast stands at the edge of the crater, its limbs oustretched as it roars in one of the Amnesia The Bunker endings.

Ending #1: The Beast escapes

To get the first ending, you must stall the Beast while moving crates over to the low wall blocking the exit. This can be an arduous process, so use the central structure to lead the Beast as far away from the wall as possible, and toss a few grenades as distractions to buy yourself enough time. You can also destroy a wooden bridge to force the Beast to go the long way around to reach you, but be aware that you’re also limiting your own ability to avoid it in the process.

Once you clear the wall and reach the top of the stairs, Henri stumbles out of the cave entrance and falls into a crater filled with shallow water. He’s surrounded by the bodies of his fellow soldiers, torn limb from limb and mangled beyond recognition.

However, this also causes the Beast to escape along with Henri, who gets a glance of it at the lip of the crater before it dashes off across no man’s land. After taking stock of his surroundings, Henri struggles to his feet and is startled to hear the sound of German soldiers shouting as they approach his position, the beams from their flashlights growing stronger. This final shot abruptly cuts to black.

Ending #2: The Beast falls

To get the second ending, you must lure the Beast onto one of the wooden bridges suspended over the pit and then destroy it, forcing the Beast to fall to its doom. These bridges can be destroyed either with your shotgun or a grenade, but you have to be fast – the Beast is both fast and agile, and can leap to safety if you’re too slow in your attempt to dispatch it.

To make things easier, you can distract the Beast using the rabbit toy found in the crater connected to the tunnels. Throw it on the bridge and wait for the Beast to pick it up before you blow the bridge out from under it. The Beast will fall to its death and trigger an earthquake that destroys the wall that blocks the exit route. It also unlocks the ‘Beast Master’ achievement in the process. With the Beast dispatched, Henri is free to stumble his way out of the cave, though the conclusion of this final cutscene is identical – albeit without the Beast high-tailing it across the French countryside.

Ending #3: Henri falls

To get the third ending, you must fall into the pit instead of the Beast. Amnesia The Bunker doesn’t end on a particularly positive note no matter which way you slice it, but this version of events can be considered the closest to an official ‘bad’ ending.

After Henri falls into the pit, he doesn’t die right away. Instead, he passes through a portal and encounters the Shadow, the invisible entity previously seen in The Dark Descent. While you don’t actually see it, fans of the series will easily be able to identify its characteristic red glow, as well as the sound it makes in the brief moments before it kills Henri. While it may not seem like a legitimate ending, it’s a direct link between the events of Amnesia The Bunker and the rest of the series, and all but confirms that the source of the madness emanating from the Roman tunnels is caused by an Orb lying somewhere in the depths.

The final shot of two of the Amnesia The Bunker endings, showing flashlight beams directed towards the crater that Henri has fallen into.

Amnesia The Bunker endings explained

There are multiple ways that Amnesia The Bunker’s ending can be resolved. However, whether you choose to put an end to the Beast or escape with it, Henri’s fate is sealed – either as a prisoner of war, a victim of the Shadow, or as just one more fallen soldier on the Western Front. If it’s the former, we may well encounter Henri again in a future installment of Amnesia. If it’s the latter, well, just add Henri to the pile of unfortunate souls that have met a grisly end in the series. Either way, we’re holding out hope for a Clément cameo in future games.

Before you leave Amnesia The Bunker for good, check out how to save the prisoner if you want to keep your conscience clear – and snag the indispensable bolt cutters for your trouble – as well as the wrench location, which you’ll need before you begin. We also highly recommend consulting our Amnesia The Bunker map to help you cut down how long it takes to escape both the bunker and the Beast that lurks within.