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Amnesia The Bunker map - all key items, dog tags, and locations

Our complete Amnesia The Bunker map includes all the main points of interest in Frictional’s horror game, including key items and dog tag locations.

The terrifying monster that stalks you throughout the Amnesia The Bunker map stands in an open doorway, its inhuman maw stretched wide to reveal a set of jagged teeth.

What is the Amnesia The Bunker map? The latest iteration of Frictional’s horror series takes place inside a claustrophobic WW1 bunker, and while it often feels claustrophobic, it’s easy to get lost while navigating its twists and turns – especially with a supernatural monster at your heels. We’ve scoured every inch of the bunker and pinned all the key item locations on

While Amnesia The Bunker does include an in-game map, you can’t bring it with you as you set out to your objective. It also doesn’t have any annotations to give you some idea of where to go next in your search for key items. Instead, you can rely on PCGamesN’s Amnesia The Bunker map to help you reach those locations, and cut down on how long it takes to beat the horror game, too. Here’s the complete version of the Amnesia The Bunker map and how to use it.

Amnesia The Bunker map locations

In our Amnesia The Bunker map, we’ve numbered each key item by order of importance in each area. Be sure to check out the dedicated guides for a step-by-step walkthrough to retrieve them. Pins that aren’t numbered refer to the various dog tag locations you must visit in order to retrieve the Mission Storage locker codes in the Central Bunker.

The complete Amnesia The Bunker map, including pins identifying the locations of key items, including the bolt cutters, dog tags, and dynamite.

Here are all the key item locations on the Amnesia The Bunker map:

Central Bunker

  1. Wheel
  2. Wrench
  3. Lighter
  4. Gas mask

Soldier Quarters

  1. Communications key
  2. Arsenal code
  3. Radio switch


  1. Bolt cutters
  2. Cell door controls


  1. Pillbox key
  2. Foreman’s code


  1. Dynamite
  2. Detonator handle


  1. Detonator switch
  2. Rabbit doll
  3. Shotgun

If your version of the Amnesia The Bunker map is missing some areas, you might wish to pick up those additional map parts for the ‘Cartographer’ achievement. Sub-maps can be found in the Clerk’s Office, a small room located at the entrance of each area. These rooms are often barricaded, locked, or even booby-trapped, so keep your wits about you and bring a brick or grenade along just in case.

With our Amnesia The Bunker map to hand, you shouldn’t put a foot wrong on your quest to escape the bunker. We’ve got a slew of tips from our time with the demo and preview that can help increase your chances of survival. We’ve also got a list of upcoming PC games so you can scope out the next big scare once the credits roll.