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Apex Legends player count in August its highest yet on Steam

The Apex Legends player count for August breaks the FPS battle royale game’s Steam record, reaching its highest numbers yet on the platform despite protests

Apex Legends player count August - Horizon looks intently at camera, her hand on the shoulder of Vantage who stands behind her looking determined

The Apex Legends player count for August has pushed to new heights on Steam following the launch of Apex Legends season 14: Hunted. The latest season, which launched on August 9, helped to cement Apex’s reputation as one of the best battle royale games around right now with the launch of new Legend Vantage and her adorable bat companion, Echo. The launch of season 14 helped push Apex Legends to a record concurrent player count on Valve’s platform of over half a million simultaneous active users, and it appears that trend has only continued.

As tracked by SteamDB, Apex Legends saw a minimum daily peak of 329,041 concurrent Steam users in August – topping the previous equivalent from July of 311,275. The average daily peak for August also leapt up to 414,130, trumping the previous highest of 339,363 in May following the launch of Apex Legends season 13: Saviors.

Prior to the start of the month, some players on the game’s subreddit had been trying to promote ‘No Apex August’ in protest of an increasing number of bugs, connection issues, and gripes with the Apex Legends matchmaking system. However, as many users in a thread about the successful August player numbers point out, the subreddit community is a tiny fraction of the game’s actual playerbase – and the movement didn’t even pick up full traction among the subreddit’s active users.

As always, the most vocal players tend to be the ones who are unhappy – but the numbers speak for themselves, and they’re looking fantastic for Respawn’s game at the moment. It’s also worth noting that this record only applies to the Steam playerbase, so the actual number will be even higher when considering installs through EA’s own Origin platform, let alone considering all the console players. Suffice to say, many people seem to be enjoying one of the best multiplayer games on PC in 2022.

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