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Best Armored Core 6 inner parts

If you’re looking for the best AC6 inner parts, you’ve come to the right place, as we take a look at the parts that will grant players the best build.

The best Armored Core 6 inner parts

Want to know what the best Armored Core 6 inner parts are? There are a lot to choose from and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but we’ve tried and tested them all, to bring the best booster parts, FCS parts, and generators.

While AC6 inner parts don’t dictate how much damage you take or deal, they handle how lock-on works, how fast your boost speed is, and how much energy you have. All three are quite important in regard to your efficacy on the battlefield, and paired with the best Armored Core 6 weapon parts, and Armored Core 6 frame parts, make up the best Armored Core 6 builds to play.

What are the best Armored Core 6 inner parts?

The best AC6 inner parts are:

  • BS2-G2/P06SPD Booster
  • FCS-G2/P05 FCS
  • VP-20C Generator

These three inner parts are what we consider to be the best all-rounders and should be your go-to parts for a fast, light, and durable build.

The best Armored Core 6 inner parts booster

Best Armored Core 6 Booster

When it comes to the best booster, there are multiple considerations at play. The aforementioned BS2-G2/P06SPD grants the highest thrust and boost speed of any booster that we’ve found. Those two alone make it the best inner part.

The BC-0200 Gridwalker has notably better upward thrust and faster QB thrust, which means that it’s going to be better in situations where you’re moving upward a lot. The Gridwalker is definitely our runner-up choice here for that reason, but it also requires less energy, making it a superior choice for certain builds.

The best Armored Core 6 inner parts FCS

Best Armored Core 6 FCS

FCS parts govern lock-on assist at three distances: close range, medium range, and long range. This means that the best FCS part for your build is going to depend on what sort of weapons you’re using. If you’re predominately fighting from close range, you want the FCS with the highest close-range stat, which is the FCS-006 ABBOT. But that FCS is next to useless at a distance.

I personally prefer to have a mix of ranges available, which is why I think the FCS-G2/P05 is the best all-rounder. It has decent close-range assistance, great medium range, and so-so long range. If you’re a long-range fighter, the VE-21A FCS has the best long-range assist, so you might want to go with that.

The best Armored Core 6 inner parts generator

Best Armored Core 6 Generator

The VP-20C has a great balance between weight, energy output, energy capacity, and supply recovery. Equipping stronger weapons requires you to have more energy capacity, while energy output dictates your mech’s energy load.

If you’re running a heavy build that’s reliant on high levels of energy, the VP-20C won’t cut it and your best bet becomes the IB-C03G: NGI 000, which has much better energy capacity and energy output. It also lowers your boost speed by 40 points compared to the VP-20C. If your mech needs the IB-C03G: NGI 000, it’s going to end up a lot slower than one that can get by with the VP-20C, which will make it much harder to avoid taking damage.

That’s all we’ve got for the best Armored Core 6 inner parts. Our picks are great for builds that are both fast and dangerous as noted in our AC6 review, but specialized mechs will need some pivoting. If you make use of these, though, you shouldn’t have much trouble making it all the way to the Armored Core 6 endings, so you can focus on unlocking all of Armored Core 6 missions. Stay frosty, Raven.