All Armored Core 6 endings and how to unlock

We break down all three AC6 endings, what you need to do to get them, what can lock you out of them, and how to unlock the best ending.

Armored Core 6 endings: artwork of an Armored Core.

How do you unlock every Armored Core 6 ending? If you need an in-depth explainer on all the AC6 endings and the steps you’ll need to take to get them, we’ve got your back. They’re not difficult to unlock, thankfully, but it can take a good chunk of time to enjoy everything there is to see all the same.

To make things go smoothly while you’re on your way, it’ll help to have some idea of the best Armored Core 6 builds, which of the Armored Core 6 OS Upgrades you should focus on, and how to get past some of the tougher Armored Core 6 bosses. For the most part, the first two Armored Core 6 endings are achievable on your first playthrough and come down to a binary choice that makes the story diverge. However, there are multiple similar mission divergences throughout the game that don’t affect the ending, so let’s run through the choices that do matter.

It should be clear already, but this guide contains giant spoilers that will spoil some of the twists and turns that the Armored Core 6 story takes. As such, I’d advise you only read on if you’re prepared to see exactly how the final chapter of the game and the general structure of Armored Core 6 new game plus works. Without further ado, let’s look at the AC6 endings.

Armored Core 6 endings: an Armored Core flying high in the sky.

How to unlock every Armored Core 6 ending

Here are the three AC6 endings:

  • The Fires of Raven
  • Liberator of Rubicon
  • Alea lacta Est

How to unlock The Fires of Raven ending

Although the mission list places this ending’s missions ahead of the others, you can get The Fires of Raven ending or the Liberator of Rubicon ending on your first playthrough. When you get to chapter 5, you’ll play a mission called Escape. Once it ends, you’ll find yourself back at your hangar with two missions waiting for you. These are called Take the Uninhabited Floating City and Eliminate “Cinder” Carla. For The Fires of Raven, you’ll want to pick Take the Uninhabited Floating City, which will lead you on a four-mission run. Once you complete the final mission, you’ll see this ending.

Armored Core 6 endings: an Armored Core looks out over a giant station.

How to unlock Liberator of Rubicon ending

Much like the above Armored Core 6 ending, the Liberator of Rubicon ending route will start if you select the Eliminate “Cinder” Carla mission. Note that, whichever of these two endings you get, you’ll need to play nearly the entirety of Armored Core 6 again to get the other ending. Therefore, if you only plan on playing the game a single time, you’ll absolutely want to choose wisely. This ending is more hopeful than the one above but could hardly be described as especially happy.

Armored Core 6 endings: an Armored Core standing on the outside of a giant spaceship.

How to unlock Alea lacta Est ending

The phrase ‘alea lacta est’ basically means ‘roll the dice,’ but getting this ending takes a bit more than that. After you unlock both of the above endings, you’ll start a third playthrough. Proceed through the first half of chapter 1 normally until you get to the Strider mission. This time, a mission called Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship will show up. This mission and Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship both have the decision icon on them, so you can only play through one of them. You need to do the Escort mission and complete it. Be warned, though, this is one of the toughest missions in the game.

Once that’s finished, keep playing like normal. A mission called Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection will show up if you did the Escort mission. Very little will change for the rest of chapters 1 and 2 aside from Sulla’s and Iguazu’s (if you betray the Redguns in Attack the Dam Complex) fights having added mechs to back them up. A new mission won’t show up until you’re given a choice between Ayre’s Historic Data Recovery and Coral Export Denial. Do Coral Export Denial to continue the Alea lacta Est ending route.

Finally, another new mission will show up alongside Ambush the Vespers and Intercept the Redguns called Eliminate V.III. This is a decision mission, so pick Eliminate V.III. I’d recommend bringing Tetrapod legs to this fight, as you’ll need to mostly fight him in the air. Being able to hover for a long while makes things much simpler. Once that’s done, just keep going. You’ll know you’re in the Alea lacta Est endgame for sure when you get to the mission called Reach the Coral Convergence and things go very differently from the previous two endings. Then you just need to enjoy Armored Core 6’s last three missions.

That’s all you have to do to get all three Armored Core 6 endings, which should also get you the Stargazer achievement. You can always check out our Armored Core 6 missions list if you think you missed something or look at our list of all the Armored Core 6 parts to compare it to your own. With this, though, you’ve done most of what the game has to offer. Great job, Raven.