Baldur’s Gate 3 Infernal Iron locations

You need to collect all of the Infernal Iron you can in Baldur’s Gate 3 in order to help Karlach complete her special companion quest.

Looking for Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3? You might stumble on Infernal Iron without knowing what it’s capable of, but we don’t recommend selling it right away. If you want to help out a potential companion, you should hold onto any pieces of Infernal Iron you get your hands on.

Karlach’s companion quest, ‘The Hellion’s Heart’, requires you to find several pieces of Infernal Iron to repair her heart. Give our best builds and classes guide a read to find out which characters pair well with this fiery Barbarian to get the most out of this dynamic partnership. This companion wasn’t mentioned in our review, but you’re going to want to use Karlach in your party to utilize her deadly close-range abilities.

Infernal Iron Locations in BG3

Infernal Iron can be found throughout the map, but there are certain spots where it’s a guaranteed drop:

  • Blighted Village
  • Underdark Grymforge
  • Reithwin Masons’ Guild

The first location is the Blighted Village, and there’s a chance you may already have a waypoint to this area. From the waypoint, head into the building opposite the sign, enter the room with a large spider web covering a hole in the ground – burn the web and jump into the hole. There’s a ladder next to a booby-trapped chest, head up the ladder to find a locked wooden chest. Use a lockpick to open the chest, revealing the Infernal Iron.

The second location you can find Infernal Alloy is in the Underdark Grymforge. Use the waypoint to reach this location, then head upstairs. You’re searching for someone named Stonemason Kith, he’s going to ask you to examine the rubble so he can understand what he’s dealing with. You need to roll three tens in a row in order to examine the material properly, but once you do Kith will let you know the material is Infernal Iron. To thank you for your help, Kith rewards you with a piece of Infernal Alloy.

You can find an Infernal Iron in the Reithwin Masons’ Guild if you head to the following coordinates: X: -104, Y: 18. The Infernal Iron can be found on a table out in the open – you won’t need to use any lockpicking tools for this one. Fortunately, you won’t find any enemies nearby, though you need to bring a torch as this area is dark.

Where to use Infernal Iron in BG3

You won’t be able to keep Karlarch alive unless you complete her companion quest, The Hellion’s Heart. The only infernal mechanic that can help Karlarch is Dammon, a Tiefling Blacksmith that can use Infernal Iron. It’s worth noting that Dammon can die at multiple points in the story, so if you can’t find him there’s a good chance he may not be alive anymore.

Dammon can be found in the Emerald Grove in Act 1, but due to the BG3 quests and events that take place in this area, there’s a chance that Dammon could get killed before he makes his way to his next home. There’s a chance Dammon may have escaped if you’ve dealt with the problem at Emerald Grove without ever speaking to him. In that case, you need to wait until you reach Act 2 to find him. If he’s alive, Dammon can be found at the Last Light Inn in Act 2.

That’s all you need to find Infernal Iron locations in Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t forget to read our BG3 best party comps guide to find out how you can make Karlach fit into your team. Once you’ve saved Karlach’s infernal engine, you should check out our romance guide to find out how to win over her heart.