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Baldur’s Gate 3 worth 98% less than Jedi Survivor, Microsoft leak says

One of a series of leaked Microsoft documents appears to value Baldur's Gate 3 as being woth 98% less than Jedi Survivor in terms of Game Pass day one deals.

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One of the many leaked Microsoft FTC documents claim that Microsoft valued Larian’s smash hit RPG game Baldur’s Gate 3 at 98% less than EA’s Star Wars Jedi Survivor when it comes to its Game Pass service. No doubt they’ve probably rethought that number following Baldur’s Gate 3‘s mind-blowing success.

According to Axios, the now-deleted documents apparently claim that Microsoft allegedly believed that EA would ask for $300 million to release Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Game Pass on day one.

While Xbox corporate vice president Sarah Bond apparently claimed that it would have been a “crown jewel,” paying $300 million would “not be a good” investment.

Baldur’s Gate 3, by contrast, was valued at a meagre $5 million – an absolute pittance compared to EA’s Star Wars game. We scored Larian’s adventure a 9/10 in our Baldur’s Gate 3 review, and the game has quickly taken over 2023, so while this was potentially accurate at the time of writing, the stats paint a very different picture now – especially because Jedi Survivor was marred by technical issues at launch.

As a whole, single-player games have less longevity than their multiplayer counterparts, so it’s perhaps no surprise that BG3 has easily outlasted Jedi Survivor. However, no one – including Larian – saw the Dungeons and Dragons-inspired RPG blowing up this much, so I can’t say I blame Microsoft’s apparent scepticism.

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Other leaked documents appear to confirm that Microsoft is also planning a Fallout 3 remake, alongside one for Oblivion. While the release timings are clearly out of date, the document also lists new installments for the longstanding Doom and Dishonored series, which, as you can imagine, has sparked some serious hype.

If you’re waiting for any announcements about those or the Elder Scrolls 6 release date, we have a list of the best old games to give you that little shot of nostalgia. If Baldur’s Gate 3 has your heart, though, I’d recommend our Baldur’s Gate 3 classes guide instead.