Baldur’s Gate 3 mod adds missing DnD race with lots of custom options

This new Baldur's Gate 3 mod adds a playable Aasimar Tav, the same race as BG3's Dame Aylin, with three subraces and unique visual options.

Baldur's Gate 3 mod Aasimar: longhaired guy holding up a finger, with a staff slung over his shoulder

A new Baldur’s Gate 3 race has been added to the Larian RPG, bringing a Planetouched race from Dungeons and Dragons to the virtual imagining of the Sword Coast. There are even some subraces and a slew of unique customization options. If you want to restart BG3 with a unique twist, this is for you.

You can now play as the Planetouched Baldur’s Gate 3 Aasimar race in the game, and all you’ve got to do is download a couple of mods. With three subraces, new body heads, halo and face-wing options, new racial abilities, and a whole lot more, this is a great Baldur’s Gate 3 mod for hardcore DnD fans, and anyone looking for something fresh. There are a lot of DnD races to parse in the tabletop, so it’s great to see another in BG3.

If you’re unaware of what a Planetouched is, they’re mortals that can trace their lineage to an outsider, with Karlach being one as she’s a Tiefling. The incredibly detailed RPG game mod from ‘Tripsadin’ and a few others joins the likes of over 50 extra DnD races in Baldur’s Gate 3 now, so the choices are feeling almost endless.

You can also pick between three Aasimar subraces in the mod: the Fallen, Scourge, and Protector. Each gives you a slightly different playstyle, as the Protector focuses on, well, protecting other members of your party, the Scourge lets you deal more radiant damage, and the Fallen forces opponents to make charisma saves.

Baldur's Gate 3 mod Aasimar: a shirtless agelic man holding out a glowing arm and hand, with glowing eyes and a halo atop their head

All subraces gain combat flight at level three, but each uses their respective radius to either help allies or hinder opponents.

As mentioned, the Aasimar race mod also adds loads of unique customization options like halos, new heads, and more to give you the Dame Aylin look you’ve always wanted. With modders adding things like iconic WoW classes to BG3, there’s no telling what the future holds in terms of customization and player options.

There are a couple of necessary mods related to the Aasimar race and a handful of recommended ones too, so you’ll want to take a good look at all the details before you download the mod for yourself.

In the meantime you can check out our guide to all the Baldur’s Gate 3 classes, alongside the best Baldur’s Gate 3 builds if you’re looking for something a little different.

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