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Baldur’s Gate 3’s new Dark Urge ending is horrifyingly tragic

Baldur's Gate 3's latest patch adds a new epilogue but there's a character whose ending, depending on your choices, is anything but happy.

A scaly humanoid figure, a Dragonborn, standing in a circle of arcane symbols.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s new epilogue has been embraced by the game’s fans, letting them catch up with characters several months after the story ending. But if you’re playing as the Dark Urge, you might end up with a grim new ending.

There’s a new patch out for Baldur’s Gate 3 which adds a host of new content to this much-loved RPG game. There’s an all-new epilogue party, where you can catch up with your companions (and others), a new difficulty mode and more. It even makes fan-favourite character Bing Bong canon.

But if you’re playing as the Dark Urge, and you’ve fallen to your character’s homicidal urges, you get a truly horrifying new ending. It’s even worse than the one where, as a mindflayer, you attempt to eat your former companions’ brains.

The Dark Urge is an origin character who, for reasons you uncover later on, has the desire to do serious harm to anyone and everything. Sometimes you, as the player, get a choice, sometimes not. There’s a moment where someone you’ve befriended visits your camp and you sleep-murder her.

It’s not a pleasant path, so much worse than just being laughably, moustache-twirlingly evil. And, as reported by The Gamer, this new patch adds in a new outcome for your character, if Bhaal has sentenced them to a ‘life of madness’.

The epilogue party happens but, as happened during Twitter user Sian’s playthrough, you’re not invited. You don’t get to roam around the camp, catching up.

Instead, a non-interactive cutscene shows your character lurking just out of view. Some vestige of their former self remains and it’s brought them back to their former friends. But instead of embracing them, they wait.. and wait.. until everyone is asleep. Then, brandishing their knife, they sneak into camp to deal some death.

The scene ends there and it’s made all the worse by Amelia Tyler’s brilliant narration. Does the Dark Urge dispatch Karlach and company? Or do their companions dispatch them before they can kill again? Both outcomes are equally tragic.

There are many, many happier moments to be found in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it’s a testament to developer Larian Studios that they took things this far. We’re not sure which staffer wrote this but we hope they got a hug when they were done.

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