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The voice of Baldur’s Gate 3 squirrel Timber welcomes your kicks

Baldur’s Gate 3 squirrel Timber is the unfortunate recipient of a lot of unnecessary violence, but her voice actor and the game’s voice director says it’s okay.

Baldur's Gate 3 squirrel kick - Timber, a red squirrel voiced by Beth Park, found in the Druid's Grove.

Whether you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3 or not, you’ve probably seen one of the game’s most unfortunate animal inhabitants – Baldur’s Gate 3 squirrel Timber in the Druid’s Grove – reach an untimely demise. The incident, an encounter during one of the first Baldur’s Gate 3 quests in the vast RPG game, really sets the tone for what Larian Studios lets you get up to, even to some rather violent ends. Fortunately, the voice of Timber has given players her blessing to go ahead and give into your most monstrous instincts.

“My name is Beth Park, and I worked on Baldur’s Gate 3 for four years,” explains the senior voice director and senior casting director via a video on her TikTok. “I spent tens of thousands of hours directing the performances along with a whole team of other amazing directors,” she continues, “and I cast thousands of parts. And I also am the voice of a certain squirrel in the Druid’s Grove.”

Timber, the squirrel in question, takes umbrage with your intrusion on her territory, and is quick to leap at your foot with a warning bite. In retaliation, you have the choice to simply back away, study the animal, or – if you’re feeling vengeful – line up a rather nasty kick, sending her flying into a nearby rock. The moment has proven a popular social media clip, with many players surprised by how committed your character is to following through on the move.

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“The amount of people I have seen kicking the s**t out of my squirrel is unbelievable,” Park remarks. I’m honestly a little shocked, although my Druid’s ability to speak to animals let me perform some more friendly negotiations. Of course, with the ability to quicksave your game, there’s little harm in finding out exactly what the choice will do – and those of you who’ve begun with the Baldur’s Gate 3 Dark Urge origin may not even get a choice in the matter.

Park, however, begrudgingly says players are welcome to go ahead with it if they feel the need. “If you have a problem with any of the voice acting or any of the casting decisions in Baldur’s Gate 3… Fine. Bring it on,” Park says, “Seek out Timber the squirrel, in the Druid’s Grove, and – sure – you can kick her, I guess.” You might even impress Astarion.

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Honestly, I’d be pretty hard-pressed to fault any of the voice work and direction thereof – as detailed in our Baldur’s Gate 3 review, the game’s cast does an incredible job of bringing its fantasy world to life in glorious, vibrant color. But if you feel the urge, a desperate tingling under your skin to just punt the (mostly) innocent rodent into the scenery, then by all means; Timber, at least, is resigned to her place.

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