Baldur’s Gate 3 has an interactive torture scene

Baldur’s Gate 3 will feature a torture sequence where players can choose which methods to use, as well as nudity and sex, the Larian RPG’s ESRB rating confirms.

Baldur's Gate 3 torture scene: A character with pointed ears from Larian RPG game Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 includes a sequence wherein players can choose from various torture methods as they attempt to extract information from a prisoner. The Larian RPG game has also been rated by the ESRB for nudity, violence, sexual content, and language, as the Baldur’s Gate 3 release date draws near and we anticipate a return to the DnD world of the Forgotten Realms. If you thought the bear sex scene was a little risque, it seems that Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot more still to come.

We’ve learned plenty about Baldur’s Gate 3 spells and Baldur’s Gate 3 abilities. But with BG3 rapidly approaching launch, it seems the fantasy game has plenty of adult material as well. The ESRB rating for Baldur’s Gate 3 outlines a variety of mature sequences, features, and images, ranging from “a woman disemboweled, with exposed entrails,” to “a character’s exposed brain extracted from his skull.”

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“In one sequence, players make dialogue choices to determine the method of violence when extracting information from a prisoner,” the Baldur’s Gate 3 ESRB rating says. “(E.g., hot poker to the thigh; butt of a spear to the groin; toenail removal); most of these acts occur off-screen, as the prisoner is seen reacting to pain.

“The game contains instances of nudity: characters with exposed breasts, buttocks, and genitalia. A handful of sequences depict topless characters engaging in brief sexual activity (e.g., positioning a character’s head over a partner’s groin area; sliding a character’s hands towards a partner’s crotch); the sexual acts are depicted off-screen or with obscured camera angles.

Baldur's Gate 3 torture scene: A rating from the ESRB for Larian RPG game Baldur's Gate 3

“One sequence depicts a nude couple on the beach moments before engaging in sexual activity – the camera pans up and the scene fades out.”

The ESRB rating also describes different instances of bad language and “blood splatter effects.” Baldur’s Gate 3 has recently become the best-selling games on Steam.

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