BattleBit is already coming for Battlefield’s crown

BattleBit is the big new team-based shooter on the scene, and if it's concurrent players are anything to go by, it could be coming for EA's Battlefield.

BattleBit is already coming for Battlefield's crown: a blocky looking soldier in urban camo

BattleBit is getting bigger, as the brand new Battlefield-like multiplayer FPS game hits a big milestone on Steam soon after release, giving EA a run for its money if it continues its meteoric rise. The colossal shooter already bears a striking resemblance to Battlefield, but with a large playerbase behind it, BattleBit could soon really come into its own.

After blowing up and surpassing both CSGO and Starfield on Steam, BattleBit Remastered has hit yet another milestone with its concurrent players. On Sunday, June 18 the Battlefield-inspired online shooter had just over 50,000 concurrent players after the player count rose from just shy of 30,000 since release on Thursday, June 15. If you’re just diving in be sure to check out our BattleBit guns tier list too, after all, it never hurts to be prepared.

BattleBit is already coming for Battlefield's crown: Steam charts showing BattleBit's 50,000 players

While celebrating the milestone, the team behind BattleBit put out a statement, saying “For what it’s worth, we’re not the first or the last game to have a good launch and high concurrency. We’re not here to take shots at any other game or studio.

“Of course, we’re a game with familiar elements, but at the end of the day, we just want to keep providing a fun experience.”

If you’ve not played BattleBit yet, it’s pretty obvious that the multiplayer game’s main inspiration is EA’s Battlefield series. From 254-player servers to destructible environments and levolution mechanics, it’s clear that BattleBit is shooting for a similar experience.

While it’s still early days for BattleBit and the average player count is still set to level out at some point, it’s interesting to note where the shooter sits on Steam in comparison to the series it’s most similar to, Battlefield.

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I know it had a bit of a rough launch to say the least, but let’s start with EA’s most recent game in the series, Battlefield 2042. Launching to around 100,000 concurrents on Steam, it quickly dropped to around 50,000 by about a week, then sitting comfortably below 25,000 ever since (with a few spikes).

Keep in mind that we’re only looking at Steam here, but BattleBit’s strong start is still impressive when compared to the most recent Battlefield game. Within a few days, it managed to amass half of the launch numbers that 2042 did, which had a very quick and steep drop-off. Will BattleBit be able to keep it up? Only time will tell.

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