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Blox Fruits server guide and Discord link

Learn how to find and set up a Blox Fruits private server so that you can grind easily in the Roblox action game and play with friends.

A Roblox man with a red head, white wings, and sword, posing before she slashes.

How do you set up a Blox Fruits private server? Gaining access to your own private Blox Fruits server can be handy for grinding, playing exclusively with your friends, or getting to grips with the game at your own pace if you’re just starting out. You can also occasionally find role-playing groups where members reenact specific stories from One Piece, which would be borderline impossible in a public server with so many other players roaming around.

Of course, you could try this on the anime game‘s public servers, but as soon as you enter a PvP area, high-level players spamming all their overpowered skills will likely wipe you out. You can always check out our ultimate Blox Fruits guide for some beginner tips for the popular Roblox experience, our Blox Fruits codes list to help you get started, or our Blox Fruits tier list if you want to know the best devil fruits. Now, here’s everything you need to know about setting up or finding a private Blox Fruits server.

A view of an empty town which is in a private Blox Fruits server.

How do you set up a private Blox Fruits server?

Here is how to set up a Blox Fruits private server:

  • Go to the Blox Fruits Roblox page.
  • Click the Servers tab
  • Click the Create Private Server button
  • Accept the prompt you to purchase one for 200 Robux a month.
  • Give your server a name and read the subscription agreement.
  • Click Buy Now to make the purchase.

Once you’ve bought a server, click the three dots to open the server options menu. Here, you can rename your server, adjust the player numbers to up to 50, and create the server link for you to share. For more information on how to set up a Roblox server, head to the official Roblox help page.

Are private Blox Fruits servers free?

Blox Fruits servers are not free to set up, as you must pay 200 Robux per month to keep them active. You’ll need to buy this premium currency via the Roblox website, and the smallest amount you can buy at once is 400 Robux for $4.99 / £4.99.

While setting up your own private Blox Fruits server is a premium experience, joining an existing server paid for by someone else is free. However, you can only gain access and continue to play if the server owner is happy to allow it. To access an existing server, you’ll need the host to add your username to a list in the configuration menu or give you an invite via the configuration menu for you to click through on. The host can also turn on the option that allows their Roblox friends to join the server.

How do I cancel my private Blox Fruits server?

If you need to cancel your Blox Fruits server for whatever reason, log in and click the three dots to access the menu. From there, click Configure, click the green Active icon next to Subscription Status, and then click Cancel Payments. You’ll still be able to use the server for the remainder of the month you’ve already paid for, but it will expire at the end of that period.

Blox Fruits server: a Roblox man looking like an anime character with pink effects around him.

How do I join a Blox Fruit private server?

The easiest way to find a Blox Fruits private server is to open Discord and click the plus sign on the servers to the left of the screen. Next, click Join a Server, type in ‘bloxfruit’ in the text bar above, and click the Join Server button. Once you’ve completed the verification process, click the ‘private-server’ channel to find at least two options. Alternatively, you can always ask questions on the Community channel and see where that gets you. Just remember to stay safe and not click on any links you don’t fully trust.

The other way to join a private server is to set one up with your friends. So long as someone wants to keep the lights on by paying the 200 Robux every month, you should be good to go. However, we don’t recommend searching elsewhere on the internet for servers. While a simple Google search can yield plenty of existing private server options, these links don’t always function or take you to where you’d expect, so be careful when clicking on any links you’re unsure of.

How do I join the Blox Fruits Discord server?

Sometimes you need to find new friends to play your favorite Roblox games with. One way to do this is by joining the official Blox Fruits Discord server. There are thousands of regular players in there and a good variety of private server links on offer. You can use this invite link to join the Blox Fruits Discord server and start a conversation in the Chat or Questions channels.

An important message here is to be careful who you let into your private server and, equally, to only join private servers owned by people you know or trust. We have plenty of other handy guides for you, including details on how Blox Fruits stock works, the latest news on the next Blox Fruits update, and Blox Fruit leveling tips.