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ProZD voices FL4K in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has cast SungWon Cho as one of its principle characters

SungWon Cho – perhaps better known as YouTube’s ProZD – will be in Borderlands 3 as the voice of FL4K, the game’s playable Beastmaster. The news was announced on the E3 Coliseum stage today along, and ProZD confirmed it shortly afterward. It’s hardly his first videogame role, but it is certainly the highest profile casting yet.

There are plenty of Borderlands 3 vault hunters to choose from, but ProZD helpfully tweets that “if you’re still having trouble deciding who to play as, I’d say FL4K is the best choice because like me, they also have pets (but I may be slightly biased).” Bias or not, those are some admittedly difficult points to argue against.

E3 has brought other news for Borderlands, including some new Borderlands 2 DLC that leads into the upcoming game, details on Guardian ranks, and information on what to expect from Moze. The Borderlands 3 release date is set for September 13, and in the meantime you can follow that link for much more on everything we know about the game so far.

If you’ve forgotten where you know ProZD from, it’s probably one of these skits.

While our collective love for ProZD is and forever will be undying, but there’s been no shortage of controversy around the game’s vocal talents.

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First was the dispute between Troy Baker and Randy Pitchford over what kept the actor from portraying Rhys once again, then there’s the whole thing around the voice of Claptrap – which is far too messy to recount in full here.