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Modern Warfare 2 PC Nvidia download should stop crashes

Major improvements have been made to the Modern Warfare 2 PC port for Nvidia users, as a new driver should fix the crashing in the new Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 PC Nvidia fix should now stop crashes : a close up of Captain Price's face

Since it launched the Modern Warfare 2 PC version has been beset with glitches and crashes with a specific Nvidia graphics card driver. Now the FPS game is coming up on the launch of season 1, with support studio Beenox announcing that there’s now an updated driver for Modern Warfare 2 PC that should improve the performance of the multiplayer game.

Nvidia drivers 526.47 were causing major issues for a lot of players on PC, with Beenox suggesting you keep to earlier drivers to avoid crashes and performance problems during play. Now Nvidia owners should have a much better time when playing Modern Warfare 2 PC multiplayer matches as a new driver aims to fix the crashes, which should hopefully not interrupt you when you’re grinding the best Modern Warfare 2 guns.

The Nvidia GeForce game ready driver for version 526.86 is now live, with Beenox and Nvidia working together to make sure that your play time is as smooth as possible. If you want to get a full breakdown of the new Call of Duty, we have the Modern Warfare 2 system requirements so you ca make sure you’re running it at its best.

“This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II,” writes Nvidia. “Specifically, this new Game Ready Driver offers improved stability, solves image corruption issues, and supports NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution and NVIDIA Reflex.”

That’s right, now the Modern Warfare 2 PC port supports DLSS super resolution and Reflex, with the latter letting you measure and optimise latency on the Call of Duty game. Beenox has warned that there is a DXGI adapter error still on its end though, which requires a clean driver install and reset.

“For clarity,” says Beenox. “The DXGI adapter issue introduced yesterday is on our end, and is unrelated to NVIDIA’s newest driver, which greatly improves the game experience and stability. We encourage all our PC players to update.”

You can find the updated Nvidia GeForce Driver on the official website, which lists all supported graphics cards and extra info as well.

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