Modern Warfare 2 beta actually works without a graphics card

Turns out you don't need a GPU to play the Modern Warfare 2 open beta, as the new Call of Duty actually plays nice with integrated CPU graphics

Modern Warfare 2 screenshot with solder and graphics card with red cross

Modern Warfare 2 is back, and you apparently don’t need a graphics card to try out the open beta. While a dedicated GPU will help the latest COD caper shine, the FPS game seemingly plays nice without one, even if it does make it feel like the original MW2 on Xbox 360.

In a new benchmark video, budget enthusiast RandomgaminginHD plays the Modern Warfare 2 open beta using an AMD Athlon 3000G – an entry-level CPU from 2019. Thanks to the desktop processor’s integrated GPU and AMD FSR, the YouTuber is able to maintain 30fps at 720p.

That might not sound impressive, especially if you’re looking to boost fps to triple digits. However, running the game without a graphics card is still a sight to behold, and cheap gaming PC setups should have no trouble handling the new COD. You could say the YouTuber’s stats somewhat contradict Modern Warfare 2 system requirements, as Infinity Ward says you’ll need a GPU with at least 2GB VRAM.

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If anything, RandomgaminginHD’s no GPU experiments are a testament to modern PC game optimisation. Ultimately, we’d still advise jumping into the shooter using the best graphics card available, but the above tests help paint a budget performance picture that isn’t covered by regular system requirements.

It’s worth noting that Modern Warfare 2 isn’t the only game that works without a GPU, as you can actually explore No Man’s Sky without a graphics card. Again, this isn’t an argument against buying an RTX 4090 when it arrives, but if you ever find yourself stuck on an island with a crusty old laptop to hand, playing the best PC games might not be off the table.