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How to get the Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo

The Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo is the final weapon skin you can unlock at launch, and we’ve got the details on how you get it for every gun

Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo: Some players by a domination flag

The Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo is the ultimate goal for everyone playing the latest FPS game. The hardest to unlock of the mastery camos, Orion is a gorgeous mixture of black prisms and multicoloured patterns that look like deep space.

You’ll eventually want to get Orion on all of the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, but you need to know how first. Compared to the last Modern Warfare, completing camo challenges in Modern Warfare 2 is actually much easier. Long gone are the days of having to get countless kills while mounted or multi-kills with a launcher – the method has been streamlined, but rather than unlocking Obsidian or Damascus for all weapons in one category, you now unlock the high-end camos for one weapon at a time. Here are the details on how to get Orion in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo: The Orion camo on an assault rifle

Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo unlock details

The Orion camo is technically the easiest of the mastery camos to unlock, since there are no additional challenges required. At its simplest, to unlock Orion camo, you need to unlock the Polyatomic camo on 51 weapons in total – either the 51 weapons at launch or a combination of some post-launch additions. When you’ve achieved that gargantuan goal, Orion will automatically unlock on all 51 of those weapons. While that sounds simple, getting to polyatomic in the first place will take some time.

Once you have obtained Orion camo on those weapons, any future weapon you unlock Polyatomic for will have Orion unlocked alongside it. A silver lining for how much grinding you’ll need to do to unlock Orion, but it’ll be worth it, and it’s still quicker than previous mastery camos have been.

If you want to stand a chance of getting Orion, you’ll need to master the new gunsmith system to stand a chance of getting all the camos, along with knowing how prestige works in this game.