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Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer “refuses” to let Call of Duty fans relax

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer matchmaking “refuses” to let Call of Duty fans relax, as the Infinity Ward FPS game uses SBMM to make CoD online seemingly harder

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer “refuses” to let Call of Duty fans relax: A woman, Valeria from the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, stands in a shipping container

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer matchmaking “refuses” to let Call of Duty fans relax and play, as the Infinity Ward and Activision FPS game uses skill-based matchmaking or SBMM to create, seemingly, one of the hardest CoD experiences in years.

Skill-based matchmaking is designed to place players of similar level, experience, and ability against one another, theoretically allowing lower-level players to build their skills competing with other newcomers, while pitching veterans, who have the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, in head-to-head battles with harder opponents. The goal is to provide a fairer and more balanced Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer experience, but some Call of Duty fans report the game being too demanding for them to enjoy it and “relax”.

“Infinity Ward,” writes one player, “for the love of all things holy, turn down SBMM a couple of notches. I just want to chill and not have to try extra hard to be decent at the game. Not everyone that plays the game is trying to be a professional COD player.”

“I’m getting to the point I’m no longer having more fun moments than frustrating ones,” says another player. “I realise it’s too early in the launch cycle to be done for good, but I’m so burnt on the same b******* killing me over and over with no chance to move that I’m putting it down for at least a week.” “I’m just trying to unwind and play,” writes a third Call of Duty player, “but this game refuses to let me relax.”

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play has recently been confirmed, with fellow Call of Duty studio Treyarch responsible for its implementation. This will offer the top CoD players further chance to compete with another, with others praising the SBMM system for making Call of Duty – which is a lot easier when you have the best Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 loadout – more challenging and intense.

“I’m having some of the closest Search and Hardpoint games of my life,” says one player. “It feels really fun.” “SBMM isn’t that bad,” writes another. “It just takes a bit for it to work itself out. It’s already a bit more consistent than it was the first couple days. I don’t know how everyone expects to consistently be in lobbies where they stomp everyone.”

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