Awful Modern Warfare 2 spawns can see you die twice in one killcam

Bad Modern Warfare 2 spawns put players in impossible positions by starting Call of Duty players in the sights of enemies, with some dying twice in one killcam

Modern Warfare 2 spawns - a soldier in a Union Jack baseball cap and headset

Bad Modern Warfare 2 spawns are always something you have to deal with in the frenetic, fast-paced fracas of the FPS game, but seeing a player die twice in one killcam emphasises just how awful they can be at times. Spawning in what feels like an unfair position has happened in all the Call of Duty games, and not even the best Modern Warfare 2 loadout can save you from situations where you are dropped in full view of the enemy.

A post on the MW2 Reddit illustrates just how troublesome this issue continues to be, with one user sharing a funny clip of them dying twice in a single killcam after a respawn plops them almost directly in the sights of the enemy that just defeated them. You almost have to laugh, or you might just give up on it altogether.

The incident happens on Taraq, one of the more open Modern Warfare 2 maps, which serves to show just how closely the game can spawn you next to opposing players. The war-torn village’s broken buildings and walls, along with the relatively flat desert sands, leave ample opportunity for players to spot you across even longer distances.

You’d have to be looking away from the screen altogether to miss this one, though. After taking out the user in question, their triumphant opponent aims down a nearby sightline – though there’s no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary here, as it’s good practice to check for incoming enemies after a kill. What is a little surprising, however, is seeing poor ZestyRanch1219 ping into view almost directly in the spot the player is aiming at.

Rocking the SP-R, one of the best marksman rifles in MW2, the player has no trouble dropping them a second time. Interestingly, Infinity Ward does appear to offer some Modern Warfare 2 spawn protection against killstreaks – I myself have spawned inside an enemy airstrike on several occasions only for it not to damage me – but it doesn’t appear to protect you from gunfire even moments after respawning.

I died twice in the same killcam lol from ModernWarfareII

One reply to the thread remarks that the close spawns are a hallmark of the series – the idea being that, by spawning you close to an enemy that just downed you, the game is offering you a chance to score your revenge. When there’s nothing to hide you from said opponent, however, and you land facing away from them but in full view, it only exacerbates the problem.

Spawns will likely always be a hot-button issue in the Call of Duty series and it seems unlikely that a few examples like this are likely to change things, given that the issue was also prevalent as far back as the original 2009 Modern Warfare 2. However, perhaps there’s something to be said about considering whether certain maps need a slightly more protected spawn solution. Not Shipment, though. Shipment is exactly the chaos we probably all deserve.

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