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How to get MW3 double XP tokens, weapon tokens, and Battle Pass tokens

For when you want to level up fast, unlock battle pass tiers at speed, or complete weapon challenges, nothing helps more than MW3 tokens.

How to get Modern Warfare 3 Double XP tokens, weapon xp tokens, and battle pass tokens.

How do you get MW3 double XP tokens? We know we’ve got to grind through our favorite games, and where would the fun be if we didn’t, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little… help. Now Modern Warfare 3 has arrived, we’re starting from Rank 0 once again, but there’s a great way to accelerate your progress.

Modern Warfare 3 Double Player XP tokens, Weapon XP tokens, and Battle Pass tokens are a great way to speed up your progress through the FPS game. Each with their own unique reward, these tokens come in 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute, and one-hour increments, allowing you to get more from your kills. Whether you’re trying to rank up, level up a specific weapon, or get through the Modern Warfare 3 season one Battle Pass quicker (once it arrives), here’s how to get more MW3 XP tokens.

An in-game screen showing all of the player's MW3 Double Player XP tokens, Double Weapon Tokens, and Battle Pass Tokens.

How to get Modern Warfare 3 XP tokens

MW3 XP tokens can be obtained in a number of ways, sometimes including commercial promotions. The most common ways to collect MW3 double XP tokens are:

  • Commercial collaborations (Burger King, Monster Energy, etc.)
  • MW3 campaign mission completion
  • MWZ tier mission completion
  • Battle Pass tiers
  • Limited Time Events

There are currently two promotions rewarding tokens, one with Monster Energy, and a MW3 Burger King crossover. Whether you can redeem either depends on where you are in the world, with the BK promotion in particular only available in select countries.

MW3 campaign rewards

You can earn Player XP tokens and Weapon XP tokens by completing certain MW3 campaign missions for the first time:

  • Complete Precious Cargo mission: 30-minute Double Player XP Token, 30-minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Complete Deep Cover mission: 30-minute Double Player XP Token, 30-minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Complete Oligarch mission: One-hour Double Player XP Token, one-hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • Complete Gora Dam mission: One-hour Double Player XP Token, one-hour Double Weapon XP Token

MWZ mission rewards

Just like with the MW3 missions above, there are some one-time XP Token rewards for completing certain MWZ tier missions. The difference here is that we expect more of these missions to be added with time, meaning there may be more XP Token rewards to grab as time goes on.

The current MWZ missions rewarding tokens are:

  • Complete Tier 3 Pit Stop mission: Double Player XP Token
  • Complete Tier 5 Bring ‘Em On mission: Double Weapon XP Token

An in-game screen highlighting where and how to pop MW3 Double XP tokens.

How to pop MW3 Double XP tokens

To use any of your Double Player XP Tokens, Double Weapon XP Tokens, or Battle Pass Tokens, click on the token bar on the left hand side of the multiplayer game mode screen, just below daily challenges.

In Zombies mode, the bar is on the right hand side of the screen instead, just above the story missions progression box.

If you are unable to equip a token, this is most likely because a double XP event is taking place, and tokens do not stack on each other or existing events. To prevent you wasting tokens, the option is locked during these periods.

Farm XP with MW3 weekly challenges

While MW3 weekly challenges so far don’t reward XP tokens, they do reward Player XP. This means that, if you plan ahead, you can farm XP by making sure you equip a Double Player XP when you know you’re going to be working on completing missions.

Can you buy Modern Warfare 3 XP tokens?

MW3 Double XP Tokens, Battle Pass Tokens, and Weapon XP Tokens can not be purchased, but they can be obtained through the Battle Pass, which itself must be bought. However, extra tokens or token bundles cannot be obtained with cash.

Do Double XP tokens affect weapon level?

Yes, MW3 Double Weapon XP tokens level up your weapons twice as fast. However, Double Player XP tokens only increase your player rank faster, so make sure you equip the right token if you’re focussing on weapon level.

Do XP tokens carry over from Modern Warfare 2?

Yes, MW2 Double XP Tokens do carry over to Modern Warfare 3, along with weapon XP tokens and Battle Pass tokens. COD points don’t, however, so if you have any left over in MW2 that you wish to use up, you can do so and your purchases will then carry over to MW3.

Now you have no excuse not to hit those Prestige levels as you dive into those nostalgic MW3 maps and Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. What’s more, Double Weapon XP tokens can help you unlock all the MW3 camos even faster.