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Can you prestige in MW3?

Show off your experience with your MW3 prestige rank and put fear into the hearts of your enemies before the multiplayer match has begun.

MW3 prestige: a solider wearing a skull mask points their handgun at a person off-screen.

What is MW3 prestige? There’s only one way to show your prowess in the FPS multiplayer sphere, and it isn’t the amount of kills you rack up, your crisp movement, or your comprehensive knowledge of the maps. The true measure of a soldier in Modern Warfare 3 is your prestige rank – the true marker of dedication and the little icon you can hang your hat on at the end of the day.

With the MW3 release date comes parity across all players. Each soldier is beginning their journey, all on a level playing field for perhaps the only time this year. As you level up, you’ll get prestige ranks, but what exactly are prestige ranks, and how does the system work? Grab your best MW3 guns, study the MW3 maps, and get ready for the grind.

MW3 prestige: three solders in camo gear stalked the rooms of a ruined house.

MW3 prestige explained

We predict that MW3 prestige will become available with the start of season 1, which is released in early December 2023.

While we don’t have full confirmation on the prestige system in MW3, the existence of prestige XP (as seen in the Call of Duty blog), as well as the parity between MW2 and MW3 with the carry forward system, would suggest that it remains unchanged from the previous entry in the series.

Whenever you do anything of note in a match, you’ll gain XP. This could be killing a member of the opposite team, or taking an objective – even participating in a match will net you some experience points. With enough XP, you’ll level up.

If the MW3 prestige system works similarly to MW2, once you gain enough levels, you’ll hit a ‘prestige’ – these prestige levels are milestones in your MW3 career, and will likely award you with a special prestige emblem and additional challenges.

How to prestige quickly

The fastest way to prestige in MW3 is to earn as much XP as you can, in the shortest amount of time. Sounds simple, but this means you’ll have to be an efficient, and effective member of your team. Playing the objective, securing plenty of kills, and completing challenges is generally the fastest way to prestige. To make the most of your time, be sure to use your MW3 double XP tokens.

Now that you know all about MW3, the only thing to do is to check out the MW3 release time, fine-tune those MW3 loadouts, and make sure your rig is up to the MW3 system requirements, so you won’t have any problems come launch day.