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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 release date reveal confirms basically every leak

New operators, Backlot, and Warzone quads? Seems they're all here...

Activision and Infinity Ward have finally done the official reveal of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 release date, and with it, teased some of the new content for the game – as well as Warzone, naturally. The new season kicks off in all variations of Modern Warfare on April 8, 2020.

The image revealing the new season has a host of teasers for new content, and the most obvious is the location in the lower-right – which looks a whole lot like the original Modern Warfare map, Backlot. References to Backlot have been cropping up in Modern Warfare leaks throughout the past week, alongside MW3’s Village, so this all but confirms those rumours.

Alex, one of the protagonists from the main campaign, also appears front-and-center in the image, though he’s now sporting a prosthetic leg. Alex was one of the two new multiplayer operators mentioned in the leaks, alongside ‘Ronin’. Former Green Beret-turned-special operations trainer, Tu Lam, posted the teaser on his own Ronin Tactics Instagram, so it seems that one’s confirmed, too.

The leaks also suggested that we’re getting more modes for different squad sizes in Warzone, including quads – and sure enough, the teaser features four parachuting ops standing out from a sea of other soldiers in the background.

Check out our guides to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare classes if you’re looking to jump in – after all, there’s a free weekend getting underway, so new players have a perfect excuse to get started. And a new season means a new battle pass – so here’s our Modern Warfare battle pass guide for good measure.