Infinity Ward intends to make another Modern Warfare, DLC will continue the story

A follow-up was teased in a post-credits scene

The Call of Duty series has never been one to rest on its laurels for too long. Given that the ending of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sets up a sequel, a Modern Warfare 2 seems all but guaranteed. Infinity Ward has commented on the final moments of the game and what they mean, saying that while some conversation has taken place on what the next instalment looks like, right now the main concern is keeping the current game afloat.

Speaking to us about Modern Warfare laying the foundations for a follow-up, narrative director Taylor Kurosaki says that the team are all in on another, but at the moment those discussions are preliminary. “We would love to make another one of these. We have every intention of making another one of these,” He stated. “Have we spent much time thinking about what it could be? A little. We’ve also spent a ton of time just getting to the finish line, so yeah that is intended to get fans of the original trilogy excited and get new fans excited about what that could be.”

Kurosaki believes that by effectively resetting the universe, Infinity Ward has put itself in a strong position to build on the Modern Warfare series in new and interesting ways. “We feel like we’ve reset this universe, so now it’s fertile ground to make lots and lots more content,” He said. “We’re going to start by supporting this game in a really major way with post-launch. One of the cool things is that all of the different modes of the game take place in the same universe and with the same fiction governing them.”

No spoilers, but between the ending and post-credits scene, fans of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series were given a lot to chew over. There’s some obvious, and interesting, hints at what Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty venture might look like and involve.

Players can expect more pieces of narrative in the upcoming DLC, too. So while there’s no sequel announcement just yet, there will be more Modern Warfare mythos to explore. “As we update the game with more Spec-Ops missions and maps, that’s continuing this story,” Kurosaki added. “So it doesn’t necessarily mean sequel, but it means there’s more coming. Stay tuned.”

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