Warzone 2 backpack and looting off to shaky start with tweaks needed

The Call of Duty Warzone 2 backpack and looting systems aren't doing too well upon release, as many battle royale players point out how the FPS is suffering

Warzone 2 backpack and looting off to shaky start with tweaks needed

The Warzone 2 backpack and looting system has seen some major and minor changes in the new battle royale game, some of which are good and some of which are bad. While the Call of Duty multiplayer game is clearly undergoing growing pains, just like the original Warzone, there are a few things being pointed out about backpacks and looting in Warzone 2 that will need some tweaking in the FPS game.

Here’s how the Warzone 2 backpack system, which is a new addition to the battle royale Call of Duty game, works: you have inventory spaces for items like in the original Warzone, but now you also have extra spaces for armour plates and ammo for gun types you currently don’t have.

While this offers an extra level of strategy, especially when playing with a full squad of three kitted out with the best Warzone 2 guns, it has some problems. Chief among them is how you get extra space in your backpack by finding upgrades across the Warzone 2 map of Al Mazrah. This makes sense on its own, but when you take out an enemy you can’t loot their bigger backpack, just all of their items themselves.

Players are also frustrated by how a backpack and its items can be removed from the game when someone quits, so if they’re quick to bounce once eliminated, all of their items will go too.

The Warzone 2 backpack and looting system just feels oddly clunky, with many also highlighting how loot from a defeated enemy can also be too close together, making it difficult to pick up what you want quickly, which can ruin your game mighty fast if you’re not careful.

A single backpack dropping filled with all the opponents loot could be a way to resolve this issue, and it’s actually something fellow battle royale game Apex Legends does too. It also looks like the hitboxes for items on the ground are quite big, so you can end up picking up the wrong item if they’re close together and then end up swapping around for too long, which can also lead to death.

It should be noted that these are absolutely growing pains, so expect Raven Software to be listening to your feedback and making small quality of life adjustments down the line. Still, issues like these can make for a frustrating experience, especially considering Warzone Caldera doesn’t come back online until the end of November.

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