Best Warzone 2 marksman rifle for Season 2 Reloaded

Our picks for the best Warzone 2 marksman rifle, giving you an alternative to the ultra-precise sniper rifles and the sheer power of an assault rifle.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - two soldiers are walking through a warehouse complex, the one in front has a marksman rifle with a scope attached to it.

Want to know the best Warzone 2 marksman rifle? While their usefulness in Modern Warfare 2 is somewhat limited by map size, marksman rifles are a lot more lethal in battle royale as it offers a far larger island to scope out targets from a distance.

To cut to the chase, the best Warzone 2 marksman rifle is the SPR-208. The marksman rifle category can’t keep up with the best Warzone 2 sniper rifles in terms of stopping power, but the SPR-208 is the closest you’re going to come. It offers a much faster rate of fire than most sniper rifles, and because a one-shot down isn’t possible in the free PC game, the additional mobility and speed will serve you well. That should come in handy when your foe is just a bit too far away for even the best Warzone 2 guns to reach.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifle

Here are our picks for the best Warzone 2 marksman rifle:

  • SP-R 208
  • EBR-14
  • LM-S
  • TAQ-M
  • SA-B 50
  • Lockwood MK2

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - the SP-R 208 rifle in the armoury.

SP-R 208

Precision is the key to a decent marksman rifle and the SP-R 208 is the best of the bunch for accuracy. It’s a bolt-action rifle, and while the rate of fire does suffer a lot, the handling and mobility make it more effective for mid-range snipes than most dedicated sniper rifles.

You’ll need to hit about three upper torso shots to down an armoured enemy, which is a lot, but thanks to its good handling, you can stay on the move while popping off. Here’s our best Warzone 2 SP-R 208 loadout to get you started.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - the EBR-14 rifle in the armoury.


The EBR-14 deals impressive damage over great distances, it can be spam-fired pretty quickly, it’s got great handling stats, and it’s very stable – it’s easily the best marksman rifle in Warzone 2 and it gets even better with the right attachments. In terms of theoretical time-to-kill stats, it’s one of the best guns you can get in the battle royale game.

The default mag size of 12 also makes a larger magazine completely optional, so you should have a spare attachment slot to play with. Check out our best Warzone 2 EBR-14 loadout for help setting it up.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - the LM-S rifle in the armoury.


We originally ranked this pretty low, but the LM-S is a sleeper hit in Warzone. It boasts the highest rate of fire of any Warzone 2 marksman rifle, which makes it surprisingly powerful in close-quarter and mid-range firefights, a bit like the FAL from MW 2019.

It does struggle with mobility and handling, and its default magazine size isn’t particularly generous, but if you fit the right attachments this rifle can outpace even the absolute best Warzone 2 guns, provided you click fast and stay on target. Check out our best Warzone 2 LM-S loadout for the top kit recommendations.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - the TAQ-M rifle in the armoury.


The TAQ-M can shoot fast, but not quite as quickly as the EBR-14 or LM-S, and as a result, it does struggle to stand out in many other ways. Still, if you’re finding those other options a little too harsh in the recoil department then the TAQ-M does offer really good stability. Check out our best Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout for help getting your build together.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - the SA-B 50 rifle in the armoury.

SA-B 50

If the handling issues of the SP-R 208 are too much of a burden, then you may find the SA-B 50 bolt-action rifle a viable alternative. It has similar stats but sacrifices a little recoil control for improved mobility and handling. Since you’re likely using a marksman rifle at a further distance in Warzone 2, recoil control doesn’t matter as much since you’re likely not firing shots in quick succession.

Unfortunately, the SA-B 50’s damage drops off a little sooner than the SP-R 208’s, so it loses some effectiveness in mid-range battles. Here’s our best Warzone 2 SA-B 50 loadout for more help tuning.

Best Warzone 2 marksman rifles - the Lockwood MK2 rifle in the armoury.

Lockwood MK2

The Lockwood MK2 is the best of the lever-action marksman rifles… because it’s the only one. Offering decent mobility, fire rate, and handling compared to its bolt-action counterparts, the Lockwood MK2 also has the same base damage as the SP-R 208, so why is it rated so low? The big problem is that the Lockwood MK2 doesn’t carry that damage very far at all, so it can’t compete at the long ranges that snipers can. Still, it’s very stylish and quite a lot of fun, so check out our best Warzone 2 Lockwood MK2 loadout for a great build.

Those are all of the best Warzone 2 marksman rifles available in the FPS game. You can pair them with either an SMG or shotgun, or perhaps for the bolt-action rifles specifically, you could even get away with wielding an assault rifle thanks to the Overkill perk. We’ve got a dedicated roundup of class options so you can find the best Warzone 2 loadout for you overall. We also have the new Warzone 2 map for you to look at if you fancy getting a bit of heads-up intel.