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Warzone 2 proximity chat already causing classic Call of Duty chaos

Warzone 2 proximity chat is already creating classic Call of Duty chaos as the Activision CoD battle royale game launches with Modern Warfare 2 season one

Warzone 2 proximity chat already causing classic Call of Duty chaos: Valeria, from Modern Warfare 2, smiles engimatically

Warzone 2 proximity chat is already generating some wonderful, though often terrifying, Call of Duty chaos, as the new Activision and Infinity Ward CoD battle royale game launches alongside DMZ and Modern Warfare 2 season one.

A new addition to Warzone, proximity chat means players can speak to anyone nearby, regardless of being in the same squad. Armed with the best Warzone 2 loadout, operators have already dropped into Al Mazrah by the hundreds of thousands, and their resulting interactions range from funny to affectionate to paranoia-inducing.

We’ll start with the affectionate. Armed with the Miniback, one of the best Warzone 2 SMGs, one player swiftly drops two opponents who have been hiding out inside a house. Standard Warzone protocol demands they finish the pair off swiftly as possible, but thanks to proximity chat, the spirit of peace, goodwill, and charity between all peoples manages to shine through.

Prox chat is fun, I was stalking these 2 for a while from CODWarzone

Elsewhere in Al Mazrah, however, things take a turn for the surreal. Greeted by a player who claims to be experiencing Warzone for the first time ever, one operator offers to introduce some of the game’s gadgets and perks, including the bomb drone, intimately.

And of course, proximity chat gives players a chance to toy with one another’s minds. Consider this a public service announcement: no matter how friendly your battle royale opponent may seem, they’re always planning, scheming, and trying to get one over. Observe.

Proximity Chat Is Going To Give Me Trust Issues… from CODWarzone

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