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Warzone 2 DMZ mode gives you the best Call of Duty guns with no grind

Warzone 2 DMZ mode will let you get the best Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 guns without grinding, as Infinity Ward’s battle royale game nears launch

Warzone 2 DMZ mode gives you the best Call of Duty guns with no grind: A Cartel leader, Valeria from Modern Warfare 2, interrogates Soap

Warzone 2 DMZ mode will let you obtain the best Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 guns without needing to level, progress, and grind, as Infinity Ward reveals new details on its upcoming battle royale game, ahead of the launch of Modern Warfare 2 season one.

An extraction-based battle royale in the style of Escape from Tarkov, DMZ will launch with Warzone 2 on November 16. With the return of loadout drops, you’ll be able to carry the best Warzone 2 loadout into the standard battle royale arena, as well as the best Warzone 2 sniper rifles. But there are still some quick ways to get your hands on upgraded guns in DMZ.

Say you haven’t had time, or inclination, to grind out weapon attachments in Modern Warfare 2. Say you’re playing Warzone 2 casually, without buying into the whole Call of Duty suite this year. You still want the top weapons, because you still want to compete against the CoD devouts. Thankfully, DMZ mode lets you grab the best guns without having to sweat for them; in a recent post, Infinity Ward explains how this new “contraband” system will work.

“Weapons acquired from other players or enemies on the field are considered contraband after extracting with them,” the developer says. “Contraband guns are only usable in DMZ, and if you lose them on the battlefield, they are gone forever.”

Essentially, if you see some enemy operator using their gold-plated, armour piercing, singing, dancing, bubblegum-dispensing sniper rifle, and decide it’d be better off in your hands than theirs, all you need to do is kill them, take their gun, and then successfully extract from the current round of DMZ.

You can then use the sniper rifle in subsequent matches – there’s an option to store it as part of your “contraband” stash for use whenever you like. But if you take it into a game and get killed, that’s when it’s gone for good, so like double XP tokens, you might want to hold your best contraband guns until you feel a winning streak coming on.

Players begin in DMZ mode with a single slot for “insured” guns, i.e., the customise weapons they have unlocked in MW2. If they carry their insured gun into a game of DMZ and lose it, then there is a cooldown period before they can use it again, although they can shorten the cooldown period by spending in-game cash and loots.

This seems like a good system for balancing the game between Modern Warfare 2 players, who have been busy grinding attachments and weapon mods, and people just looking for some idle extraction mode fun with Warzone 2 exclusively. We’ll see how it all shakes out once Infinity Ward’s latest launches November 16.

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