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Is Warzone crossplay?

Warzone crossplay brings players of all platforms together on Al Mazrah to secure the win, here's how it works, and how to disable it, if that's your thing

Warzone 2 crossplay - two soldiers hanging out of a jeep with their rifles trained on enemies.

Wondering if there is Warzone 2 crossplay? Chances are that, if you’ve played a few rounds of Modern Warfare 3 with others who are using PlayStation or Xbox consoles, you’ll also want to know if your buddies can join you for a few rounds.

If there does happen to be Warzone crossplay, what about cross-platform progression? Will you be able to keep all of the gear they’ve unlocked in the battle royale game when moving from console to PC, or do you need to grind all over again just to get all of the best Warzone loadouts and their attachments?

Warzone 2 crossplay - two soldiers on a boat. One is driving it while the other is aiming their gun.

Warzone crossplay and cross-progression details

Warzone and DMZ both offer crossplay, so you can team up with your friends regardless of which platform they own. Crossplay is enabled by default; all it takes to add someone to your friends list is their Activision ID. You’ll have to rely on the in-game voice channels to communicate with the rest of your team, so ensure that your Warzone settings have been perfected before jumping into a game with your console buddies, and don’t forget that your chatter can now be heard by anyone in the immediate area with the Warzone proximity chat function.

Anything you unlock in Warzone 2 will be applied to your account, so as long as you’re logging in with your Activision ID, your progression will transfer to whichever platform you choose to play the multiplayer game on.

How to disable crossplay

It may be the case that you don’t want to team up or face players on different platforms. Whether you dislike the aim-assist that a controller gives you, or don’t want to go head-to-head against mouse and keyboard players, sometimes you just want to play against people who have the same advantages as yourself.

Here’s how to disable crossplay in Warzone:

  • On the main menu, select the settings tab.
  • Go to Account and Network.
  • Toggle Crossplay to ‘off’.

That’s everything you need to know about Warzone crossplay. The fight for Al Mazrah is well underway, and we have all the information you could ever need on the Warzone map here. If you’re going up against players from different platforms, you’re going to need one of the best Warzone assault rifles – a versatile set of weapons that will assure success on the battlefield.