The best 357 Warzone Snake Shot setup

Here's how to kit out the 357 magnum for battle royale success

The 357 Snake Shot pistol in Call of Duty Warzone's preview menu

Looking for how to get the 357 Warzone Snake Shot build that’s dominating in close-quarters battles? As you would expect, the best Warzone guns are usually made up of primary weapons, but the 357 Snake Shot breaks the rules when it comes to sidearms in the battle royale.

So, what is Snake Shot? If you’re not au fait with firearms then there’s a good chance that those words mean nothing. Snake Shot effectively turns your 357 rounds into shotgun shells, meaning you can comfortably hip-fire with them in CQB situations and dish out heaps of damage.

On its own Snake Shot makes the 357 as good as a shotgun up close, but when you combine Snake Shot with Akimbo pistols you’re basically running around with two shotguns – you don’t need us to explain how powerful that is. In addition to these benefits, the 357 Snake Shot setup can fit into your best Warzone loadout without you sacrificing Ghost for Overkill. In this guide we’ll be breaking down how to get the Snake Shot 357 Warzone setup and all the attachments you need to make it sing.

How to get Snake Shot Akimbo in Modern Warfare

What level do you unlock Snake Shot on the 357? You’ll need to reach level 29 to grab the shotgun conversion for the magnums. To get Akimbo for the 357 then you’ll need to grind to unlock the Recon perk, and then equip that and get three kills in five different matches.

Best 357 Warzone Snake Shot setup

The best 357 Warzone Snake Shot attachments are:

  • Akimbo
  • Snake Shot
  • .357 Long
  • 5mW Laser
  • Lightweight Trigger

With these attachments you’ll get accurate hip-fire, an improved rate of fire, and a little bit more range so you can dish out frankly ridiculous amounts of damage with these. Inside a building, there’s arguably no better weapon in the game.

A recent nerf had made these weapons much less effective, so perhaps you should return to the best SMGs in Warzone for CQB encounters or even try out the just as mighty best Renetti Warzone setup. That way you can still pick up Ghost on your class.